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Knowledge Bags is one of the few sites that offer a comprehensive platform to the writers to publish their content and get the desired recognition. We believe in assisting our contributors and encouraging them to unleash their potential to the fullest. We provide a platform to showcase well written, researched and in-depth content on an array of subjects including health, entertainment, home improvement, fashion, education, business, technology and much more. The sky’s the limit if you have the zeal to create out of the box, highly engaging, and unique content.

Here are some tips and tricks that you can follow to write an impressive guest post:

  • Know your target audience: One of the most important things that one needs to consider while writing any guest post is to know the target audience for your content. Content must be written keeping in mind the profile of your audience. It should be comprehensible with proper flow. Well-written and formatted content is likely to not only involve the readers but also augments its social sharing.
  • Relevant Content: The content should be relevant to the subjects and topics mentioned on the site. If the content is not pertinent to the topics mentioned on our website it is likely that to get dropped.
  • Weave the topic with a twist: The presentation of the topic is essential, and a writer must be able to give an uncommon angle to the content and provide a fresh perspective to the subject.
  • Original content: The content for the guest post should be original work of the writer and must not be plagiarized in any way. There is no bigger turn off than a plagiarized and spin-off content. Submitting such content may hamper your credibility as a writer and may also lead to your blacklisting.
  • Make sure all the facts are correct: Research, confirm and then mention. This is the golden rule that every writer must follow. Make sure to double-check the facts on various sources before incorporating them in your post.

Knowledge Bag always encourages its writers to write interesting and high-quality content. Our team of content reviewers help you to augment the readability and establish the rapport with the readers. We make sure to guide you throughout the process and aid our writers to refine their skills. However, there are certain rules and guidelines that one needs to follow while writing a guest post for knowledge bag.

Here are some basic guidelines for our Guest bloggers:

  • Word Count: The length of the content should be anywhere between 300-800 words.
  • Style: The writer must follow a simple and readable style for their write-ups. The content should be easy to scan and have an accessible style.
  • Editing: The content should be grammatically correct and must have short sentences. The readability score of the content should be ideally 60-70.
  • Images: Any images submitted for the post should be along with the photo credits and brief caption about the image.

Leverage your talent and enjoy the benefits of associating with the finest guest-posting platform – Knowledge Bag.
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