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Things That Solar Panel Battery Cost Relies On

Things That Solar Panel Battery Cost Relies On

There are plenty of choices in Australia when it comes to choosing solar batteries. You can install different types of batteries in your solar panel according to your choice. If you ask for the solar panel battery cost, it depends on the quality and the material of the batteries. 

Types of solar batteries:

First of all, you must know the types of batteries that you can use in your solar panel. 

1. Lead-acid solar battery

Lead-acid is an effective battery type that works effectively to start your car. You can find some rural households installing solar panels with these batteries. When it comes to solar panel battery cost, lead-acid batteries are cheap and cheerful to use. 

This type of battery is sensitive to high ambient temperatures. More than 20 degrees C ambient temperature shortens its lifespan. It also has a slow charge cycle and can provide 1000-3000 cycles if you discharge them 60%. 

2. Lithium-ion solar battery

Lithium-ion is the most common type of solar battery that households use these days. It is a new battery storage technology that is displacing lead-acid batteries rapidly for solar storage. The lithium-ion battery has a longer lifespan and discharges deeper than a lead-acid battery. It provides 4000-6000 cycles when you discharge them at 80%.

Lithium-ion batteries are 50% more costly than lead-acid batteries. You have to recycle these batteries to recover valuable metals and prevent toxic landfill.

3. Flow Battery

Flow batteries are one of the most favourable alternatives to lithium-ion batteries. These batteries use chemical reactions and pumped electrolytes such as vanadium ions or zinc bromide to store and release the charge. This type of battery does not have residual discharge, so it does not lose capacity or charge over time.

When it comes to solar panel battery cost, these batteries are more expensive than lithium-ion batteries. You can operate these batteries at high ambient temperatures. Flow batteries do not tolerate cold temperatures below 15 degrees Celsius. Though there is another positive point that you can recycle it.

4. Other batteries

The technologies of storage and batteries for solar panels are rapidly developing. There are some other types of batteries available such as hybrid ion or salt water batteries, molten salt batteries, and graphene supercapacitors. These battery technologies are not yet common in usage.

5. Price of solar panel

The solar panel battery cost is the main factor that impedes its market growth. The price depends on the storage size and varies from $1000 to $2000 per kWh storage capacity. If you want to install a solar panel, it can cost from $2000 to &12000 depending on the size of the system. The majority of the households in Australia install a capacity of 4kWh which costs around $6000 to $8000.  

6. The lifespan of a solar battery

The solar panel battery cost as well as the duration of a solar battery completely depends on its quality and type. The technology fills and empties a battery with electricity and that you count as a cycle of battery life. More cycles offer more durability for your batteries. However, a good-quality solar battery can last almost 15 years.