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Why Should Property Owners Use Hebel External Wall Cladding

Why Should Property Owners Use Hebel External Wall Cladding

Hebel is a product you have probably heard of if you are building a house. However, what is it exactly, and why do builders and architects love it so much? Concisely, it is an eco-friendly building material that goes up quickly and easily and gives you the freedom to create a striking, modern exterior with little hassle and cost. These are just a few reasons why more and more building experts are choosing Hebel external wall cladding over traditional brick and mortar.

1. Solid and Strong:

Hebel’s steel-reinforced Power Panels give the same sense of security and peace of mind as bricks. Tests done by third parties show that a Hebel wall that has been rendered is just as strong as a brick wall. Compared to plasterboard systems, the steel-reinforced Hebel external wall cladding also make the walls between rooms stronger and safer.

2. Fire-Resistant:

Hebel is well-known for the fact that it doesn’t catch fire. Hebel panel systems are made of non-flammable materials and have been tested at CSIRO to have fire resistance levels (FRLs) from 60 minutes to 240 minutes. When you build with Hebel external wall cladding, you can be sure that your home will be safe and sound.

3. Comfortable living environment:

Hebel panels are better at keeping the heat in than other masonry products. Hebel is a good choice for meeting Australia’s strict building rules because it has better thermal resistance and mass. It also means that people do not have to use their heaters or air conditioners as much, which saves money and is better for the environment.

4. Environmentally Friendly:

Hebel external wall cladding is an excellent choice because they are suitable for the environment. Independent tests show that Hebel is 30% better for the environment than concrete or brick veneer. Hebel is the cleaner choice because it uses over 60% less energy and makes at least 55% fewer greenhouse gases than concrete or brick veneer.

5. Cost-Effective and Easy To Build:

Hebel is a strong, durable, and very cost-effective building material. Since Hebel panels are easy to cut on-site with standard tools, construction time is cut in half, and less material is wasted. Because of this, the homeowner pays less for labour and saves money.

6. Better Sound Quality:

Hebel gives you more peace. Compared to polystyrene and fibre cement exterior walls, Hebel external wall cladding makes it much harder for sound to travel between rooms. It also makes it harder for noise from outside, like traffic, to get in.

7. Design Flexibility:

Hebel cladding lets you create a show-stopping facade that shows off your style. As a rendered product, Hebel gives you complete freedom in how you design it. You can use almost any colours and textures you want on it.

8. Fast Construction:

Hebel external wall cladding is easy to build and does not weigh much. This makes it possible to build faster without sacrificing quality. One Hebel panel is the same as 75 traditional bricks so that a skilled Hebel installer can build your new home in as little as three days.