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Different Causes Of Concrete Cracking!!

by | Feb 22, 2022 | Home Improvement | 0 comments

Concrete is used in different floorings and majorly in high traffic areas where the vehicles or footfall is high. One must understand how and why concrete cracks before selecting any method of fixing the damage. Many prefer epoxy or polyurethane foam injection for concrete crack repair. In addition, the market offers several different ways of concrete crack repair. Though there are several materials you can use as a concrete crack sealant, it is crucial to understand how and why the concrete cracks, 

Here are a few causes that lead to concrete cracking:  


Shrinkage is one of the significant reasons for cracking concrete. The volume of concrete gradually decreases. It can damage the concrete in different manners. Though using concrete crack sealant works best, however, there are no ways of reducing the possibility of shrinkage without epoxy or polyurethane foam injection is not possible. 

Temperature changes: 

Temperature changes can call for concrete crack repair as heavy rain, or extreme heat can change the surface. It can crack the concrete, and you will need to use concrete repair sealant to fix the surface. 

Chemical reaction:

Though concrete is robust and durable, it reacts with chemicals and other elements, leading to cracks and holes in concrete. One can fix them quickly with polyurethane. To prevent the chemical reaction from taking place, you can add a layer of epoxy. Using polyurethane foam injection, one can fix the damage due to a chemical reaction. 

Poor construction practices:

Poor construction practices can lead to damaged concrete. It can be challenging and damaging for the concrete to retain its structure with poor construction practices. 

Errors in design and construction: 

When concrete is not accomplished effectively, it can lead to construction and design errors that can lead to different issues. It can be challenging to fix; however, one can use concrete crack sealant to execute the repair task. 

Due to faulty design, one can experience several issues with concrete. However, one can repair the concrete crack using a concrete crack sealant.  

Corrosion of concrete: 

Corrosion of concrete can be one of the primary reasons for damage to the flooring—this occurs when iron used under concrete develops a massive layer of iron oxide. It increases the volume of iron, which leads to heavy cracking in the concrete. 

Elastic deformation and crack: 

Construction depends on several structures such as beams, columns and frames. Based on the materials used for construction, elastic deformation and cracks can occur. Such damages can occur on flooring, walls and any part that uses concrete. A concrete crack sealant like polyurethane foam injection can be used to handle the cracks and damage. 

To conclude, using a concrete crack sealant such as polyurethane foam injection can help significantly with damage and concrete crack repairs. One can select epoxy or foam injection according to their requirements to execute the work. Such maintenance can change the efficiency and enhance the life of a particular structure. Further, many prefer adding an epoxy layer to the flooring to improve the work. 


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