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Do You Already Know Spirulina? The Green Powder Can Help You Lose Weight

by | Jun 7, 2022 | Health | 0 comments

Despite the strange name, spirulina is one of the best super greens powder for anyone trying to lose weight. The seaweed is indicated as a source of minerals, vitamins, proteins and amino acids, important in the vegetarian diet and for those who practice physical exercises regularly and can be used for weight loss.

Green powder increases satiety due to the high concentration of proteins and nutrients, helps the body function better and decreases the desire to eat sweets. Its purifying action cleanses the intestines and collaborates with the body’s detoxification, accelerating metabolism and fighting fluid retention.

In addition, spirulina brings several other benefits – such as increasing attention and improving mood and disposition, as it is rich in magnesium, a mineral that helps produce feel-good hormones.

What are green powders?

Green powders are dietary supplements that you can mix in water and other liquids. They usually have a green hue and may have some grass. Natural sugar substitutes are often added to improve flavour.

The best super greens powder usually contains 25-40 or more different ingredients, which vary by brand.

The product used in these supplements is usually dried and then ground into a powder. Alternatively, some ingredients can be squeezed and then dehydrated, or certain components of the whole food can be extracted.

A more recent trend is to sprout or ferment ingredients, which boost vitamin levels and help break down compounds that can interfere with mineral absorption.

Formulations are generally vegan, as well as non-genetically modified and organic – but check the product label for these details.

Prices for best super greens powder range from 22 to 99 cents or more per scoop (about 10 grams or two tablespoons), depending on the specific ingredients.

How to take

The recommended dose for weight loss is three grams per day, which can be taken in a single dose or divided throughout the day. Spirulina can be found in health food stores, supplements, pharmacies and supermarkets in pill or powder form. If the option is for the capsules, the ideal is to consume those 30 minutes before the main meals of the day.


In addition to helping you lose weight, spirulina is known as the best super greens powder because it contains a high content of proteins and several vitamins and minerals, bringing benefits such as:

  • Improves triglycerides and cholesterol levels, due to its antioxidant power
  • Improvement of allergic rhinitis and nasal congestion, by strengthening immunity
  • Helps in the control of hypertension, as it relaxes blood vessels
  • Purifies the body, due to its diuretic content and detoxifying properties
  • Improves tiredness by preventing the formation of lactic acid in the muscles after physical activity
  • Prevents premature aging, as it is rich in antioxidants, such as vitamin A
  • It helps in muscle recovery, as it is rich in iron, magnesium and omega-3
  • Reduces inflammation, as it contains omega-3
  • Prevents cancer, by being super antioxidant and rich in micronutrients such as zinc and selenium
  • Prevents diabetes by helping to control blood glucose levels

In addition, if you don’t like to intake vegetables, consider bringing the best super greens powder to help maintain your nutrition.

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