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Everything About Movers And Packers

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Moving is quite an achievement! It can be overwhelming, exciting, and costly. As many of you have become budget-conscious, want to save as much money as possible. Hiring a removalist in Kogarah Bay has many benefits in the long run.

Mitigating Risk

Travelling is more complicated than many people think. Sure, the delivery guy who brought your new sofa to your handmade one looks easy, but that wasn’t always the case. Moving a large, bulky item like furniture to a new location requires considerable manipulation.

There’s a moving company that can even unpack!?

Absolutely! After all, what’s better than unpacking everything you’re too tired to do after a long day of travelling? Unpacking at your final destination is a service as common as packing. It may not be an option, but it is there.

  • What Movers Don’t Pack?

Hiring a removalist in Kogarah Bay to pack and unpack is not an all-or-nothing service. So if there are parts that you’re sentimental about and would take care of yourself, let them know. However, there are some things most movers won’t pack or can’t legally pack.

  • Items not packed by movers:
  • Cash, jewellery (best carried in own vehicle)
  • Chemicals
  •  Live plants
  • Live animals
  • How much does the packaging service cost?

Movers packing services are usually hourly. This rate is considered an independent service and is therefore often independent of travel. Packing and unpacking costs vary by mover, so be 100% sure of what you’re getting before you commit. Here at 3 Men Movers, packing is based on hourly move rates and may vary by day of the week.

  • Things to Do Before The Packer Arrives

After you’ve booked packing (or unpacking) services with your chosen carrier, here’s what you should do before the removalist in Kogarah Bay packer arrives. 

  • Clean up all
  • Gather moving supplies and boxes you already have.
  • Open all closets and drawers so the packer can see everything
  • Sort Products

Sort products into categories. Put furniture aside, collect all appliances, store all fragile items in one place, and store all clothes, sheets, and mattresses in one place so movers and packers can Make it easy to carry and pack without any dilemma.

  • How to pack fragile items?

Thermocol film and boxes are commonly used to pack fragile items as they have sufficient shock-absorbing capacity to protect the fragile items from damage.

  • Moving Process
  • Pre-Move Survey

A pre-move survey is for accurately assessing requirements. Removalists in Kogarah Bay can provide an accurate estimate and suggest the most suitable trucks and other necessities for your move.

  • Doorstep Pickup

The moving company picks up the item from the shipper. Our qualified specialists pack your goods in high-quality packing materials.

  • Storage and transportation

The goods are in transit from then on. These are delivered directly to their destination or stored and shipped as needed. During transportation and storage, the goods are carefully handled and safely stored.

  • Final delivery

Once the goods have reached their destination, they are carefully unloaded and unpacked. The removalist in Kogarah Bay can also arrange the items according to your requirements and inspect them properly before paying the fee.

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