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Factors to Consider Before Buying Cardboard Boxes

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Sydney is a flourishing market for selling and buying cardboard boxes. Any business is incomplete without shipping after all. It is necessary to ensure what the customers receive is in perfect condition and shipping boxes play an important role in that. The boxes provide an enclosure that allows you to transport multiple items safely. There are many options to buy cardboard boxes in Sydney but before that, here are the qualities that you need to look out for in one 


Needless to say, a shipping box needs to be strong enough so that it doesn’t break down under pressure and impact. It is always preferable that a box is durable enough to last over multiple deliveries. A weak carton can tear up and expose the items to different kinds of damage.


A box should be of optimal weight regardless of what it is supposed to carry. Heavy-duty cartons tend to be heavier but shouldn’t be heavier than what is required. Lightweight doesn’t always mean weak either and a carton can be light and strong at the same time.


The design and the size of the carton should be optimised according to your needs. It should neither be too spacious nor too cramped. Carrying items in a carton that is too large is a wasteful of space. Shipping charges increase with the size too. Buying a carton too small is equally adverse as it can damage the goods.

You will find paperboard and corrugated cardboard boxes to buy in Sydney in the market. Paperboard boxes are light and flexible while corrugated boxes are more durable. For heavy-duty items, corrugated boxes are the best choice.

Plus, If you are shipping a larger quantity of items over longer distances, using a pallet is a must. A pallet is a flat surface upon which goods are placed, packed, and sent to be delivered. If you are shipping out of the country from Sydney, export pallets should be on your checklist.

Three materials are commonly used in the construction of pallets; wood, plastic, and metal. Wood is strong and cheap but breakable. Plastic is strong and flexible but it can deform under pressure. It is also more expensive than wood. Metal is durable and doesn’t get damaged underweight but it is the most expensive option. 

Wood offers the best of the three worlds which is why wooden pallets are so popular. However, wooden pallets also have to adhere to the International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures No. 15. If you are exporting things overseas, the wooden pallet should be heat or pesticide-treated. 

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Best Place To Buy Cardboard Boxes And Export Pallets In Sydney

There are a lot of places where you can buy cardboard boxes in Sydney as it is a huge market. The same is the case with Sydney’s export pallets scene. However, anyone can sell a product but not everyone can do it the best. At least not at the level and the duration for which Express Packaging has been doing it. You can buy cardboard boxes at the best prices in Sydney from us. If you will be shipping items overseas, you will need export pallets. We have sold thousands of export pallets in Sydney as well. Come over to our website and you will find all you need for shipping purposes.

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