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Get to Know About Features Of A Wooden Fan

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Fans made of wood akin to timber are well-known for their service features and design. These fans are available in a diverse range of designs and are designed in a fashion that is sure to enhance the appearance of your space. Wooden fans sourced from quality retailers are stylishly handcrafted by skilled practitioners. 

Attributes that might appeal you to the concept of having a wooden fan

  • Typical factory manufactured cookie-cutter fans that are made of metal, or other common materials are usually mass-produced. However, when it comes to a wooden fan, the blades of these are each individually handcrafted, thus making them rustic and one of a kind. 
  • These are curated from superior quality timber that makes these fans look rich and well finished. As a result, these would serve you well while retaining all the positive attributes that wood promises. 
  • A wooden fan brought from a reliable retailer is ideally powered by precision-built, energy-efficient ACDC motors that are likely to offer quality ventilation and long term service. 
  • The fans are further equipped with an aircraft-quality bearing that allows for longer durability features and versatile function as well.
  • The performance propensity of these is seamless in its operation, such that they offer a minimum or even a soundless performance while in use and are perfectly synchronised in terms of balance. 
  • Even when it comes to style, and appearance these offer you quality aesthetic design without compromising on function in any look, way or form. 
  • A wooden fan is also the ideal choice for all those who are conscious of environmental sustainability. Most reputed fan retailers who trade in wooden fans typically source their wood from fast-growing hardwood plantations grown in alignment with the established ecological principle of sustainability and resource utilisation. 
  • Like it was mentioned earlier, these fans are handcrafted by experts in the field while drawing attention towards textures and natural essence retention. The blades of these fans are with the use of a jig and other tools required to sand the blades before lavishing them with a generous coating.
  • These are made in a fashion that highlights the beauty of timber as a material. A timer fan is timber wood on a pedestal to elevate the look of your home suitability.
  • They are made to go under various testings to ensure smooth and faultless operation of their motors before the final assembly with the timber is made.
  • They are also quality tested to ensure susceptibility in terms of balance, rpm, energy consumption, and other relevant components.
  • These can be used optimally both indoors as well as outdoors. Their application is often seen in restaurants, hotels, commercial offices and even in residential settings. 
  • The price range of a wooden fan can range between $655 to $695 typically. You can also get other add-on components that can help you customise these according to your interior requirements; this includes extension rods, light attachments, and other such customisations. 
  • Choose a reliable retailer of wooden fans that also offers you hassle-free delivery and installation service. 


The above-mentioned pointers relate to various features and attribute that wooden fan advocate or what to look for while you are looking to purchase a distinct fan to elevate the aesthetic of your homes’ interiors.

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