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How To Safely Remove Rubbish From Crow Nest

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Most people do not think of birds when they think of rubbish removal in crows nest; however, rubbish removal in nests falls under the category of wildlife exclusion. Birds, while usually harmless to homeowners, can be harmful to both their homes and their health. Crows can make a lot of noise, especially if they build a nest in or on your house. 

They have the potential to cause damage to your roof, car, and property. Their nests can clog stoves, dryers, and fan vents, causing fires and rendering them inoperable. Their nests can also clog gutters and drains, resulting in standing water and potential roof damage.

Here are some procedures to follow to ensure proper and safe rubbish removal in crows nest.


The most effective way to remove rubbish from bird nests is to prevent them from forming in the first place. Remove any food scraps and open trash from your home as this attracts them. Make certain that trash is tightly secured in containers. Place any bird feeders and birdbaths further away from the house and in the yard. 

Put out only enough food for a few birds and clean up any spills on a regular basis. Gutter guards may be installed to prevent nesting in gutters and downspouts. Because vents are a popular place for birds to nest, install vent covers and screens. If necessary, use perch repellents.

Examine for Activity

Before starting the rubbish removal from crows nest, make sure it is no longer active. If there are birds or eggs in the nest, never attempt to remove or relocate it. It is best to postpone any removal or relocation until after the nesting season. 

Eggs in a nest with no sign of the parents do not always indicate that the nest has been abandoned. The parents may be feeding, or they may have left to allow the eggs to cool.

Wait for the Nesting Season to End

After the nesting season has ended is the best time to remove or relocate a nest. Most crows only nest once a year, but some species nest up to five times. The time varies according to the species of crow. It is difficult to determine the best time to remove or relocate the nest without knowing the specific species of bird. A professional can help you identify the species and determine the best time to remove the rubbish from the nest.

Take the necessary precautions.

Other pests and residual bird droppings that can contain dangerous pathogens for humans can be found in crows nests. To protect yourself, wear long sleeves, long pants, latex gloves, and a respiratory mask. Inspect the nest carefully to ensure that it is free of eggs and birds.

Contact A Professional

It can be difficult to determine whether or not the nest in or on your home is the correct or best way to remove it. If you have a crows nest that is causing problems in or on your property, contact a professional rubbish removal company who can properly remove or dispose of the nest and help you identify areas where nesting could be a future issue.

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