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Learn everything about packaging blunders and useful solutions to avoid the same.

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Packing entails more than just placing items in moving boxes. Packing your possessions, like most things, necessitates meticulous preparation and consideration. Anything from how you pack to when you start packing will have an impact on how good your move is. Packing can be exhausting in and of itself, and the last thing you want to do is confuse yourself. That being said, here are few typical packing mistakes that most people make that you can certainly avoid in order to have a stress-free day with the help of packing services Killara.

Using incorrectly sized boxes

Using random-sized boxes is one of the most common errors made by homeowners. Although recycling old liquor or fruit packets is a smart thing, it makes it impossible to obtain a more consistent pack job in the vehicle. Using marked moving boxes, which come in three sizes: mini, medium, and heavy, to save you the trouble of sorting things out. This makes stacking the boxes much faster, and you won’t have too much trouble picking them out when it comes time to unpack.

A moving box that is too big

Another common blunder is storing heavy objects in a single package. It not only makes the package uncomfortable to hold, but it also jeopardises the box’s credibility. How many times have you seen people holding a large package before suddenly the contents begin to collapse from the bottom? To stop this, divide large objects into many moving boxes and ensure that each package weighs no more than 40 pounds.

Incorrect packing

Image frames, porcelain, fine china, and platters can be covered in bubble wrap and sandwiched between layers of thin cardboard. This tends to cushion the pieces during delivery and reduces the chance of them cracking. Food should be packed individually, and bigger, heavier products should be packed with furniture pads and packing peanuts.

Inadequate box marking

Labelling the moving boxes makes it easy to mark their contents. The thing is that most people do it incorrectly. Often use a white sticker and a black ink pen to label moving boxes. The mark should ideally be at least 2 inches tall and have a list of the products included inside the package. Still put the sticker on the side of the box so that you can see what’s inside even though the boxes are stacked on top of each other.

Leaving unfilled gaps in the box

Although packing services Killara don’t advocate overpacking the boxes, there should not be any empty room inside the case. Empty gaps cause the objects to turn back and forth during shipping, potentially destroying delicate items. If you can’t fill in the gaps of other products, use packing peanuts instead. Packing peanuts have a barrier of cushioning to keep your things from tossing and travelling when in transit.

Using bulk bins rather than boxes

When they run out of moving boxes, some people resort to using plastic bags. This is a bad idea because plastic bags have no cover for your things. If you run out of containers, go to your nearest store and ask for old boxes. Stores normally have them for free, but take advantage of this and stop using plastic bags.

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