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Purpose Of Clothing Labels And Iron On Labels

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Clothing plays an important role in this modern life and people often buy branded clothes which not only give a stylish portrayal to the people but also give something extra as compared to unbranded clothes. Clothes always come with a particular label on them. Clothing labels are clearly the tag that the brand companies add to the garments they have manufactured. It is designed to mention details that all the customers should know. Clothing labels define a lot about the brand and the customer communication levels. You must definitely know the purpose of clothing labels. 

Brand Labels

Brand labels are the types of labels that are used for mentioning the brand name and its logo on it that enables the customer to identify the clothes with their brand.

Information Labels

Each clothing has particular caring terms and conditions that the customer should know. The labels are used to specify those caring areas which must be followed to multiply the life of the clothes.

Size Labels

Clothing labels also help the customer to know the size of the clothes that they are buying like Small, Medium, Large, etc. 


These labels help the customer to know the material the fabric is made of. It helps the customer to buy the proper clothes. There are various labels that clothing companies can use.

Woven Labels

This is the most common kind of clothing label used by companies. They are commonly textured and do not fade with time. Also, these kinds of labels provide a professional look to the garments. Woven labels are always appropriate for all types of clothing and garments. 

Heat Pressed Labels

These types of labels are a very common choice for clothing that sticks to the skin, like sportswear. They also do not itch and are very comfortable, as they are heated on the fabric directly. However, these labels can fade and go away with time due to continuous friction with the underlying skin.

Printed Labels

These are other common types of labels that are used on clothes. They are sewed inside the clothing and can cause a little bit of friction if the printed clothing is not good.  

Hang Tags

These labels are found only on new clothing and can be thrown away once you have purchased the clothes. These tags are bigger in size and are attached to the clothes through a thread or wire. Also, these clothing labels can be used to provide more detailed things about the cloth, brand, and tips.  

Iron-on Labels

Iron-on labels are proper for those who don’t sew quite well or those who don’t have a lot of time to spend looking at the labels. These iron-on labels can quickly pertain and it is very much durable as well. Iron-on labels are versatile and work well with most of the clothes people wear.

Each of these labels has its own importance which recognizes the brand, quality, and size of the clothing.

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