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Reasons for Installing 2nd Storey Additions

by | Jun 10, 2021 | Home Improvement | 0 comments

Have you ever wondered why building up may be better than building out? Surprisingly, 2nd storey additions aren’t always the more costly choice. So instead, consider a second story to enjoy a hidden view or more living space, whether bedrooms, baths, a balcony, or a contemporary kitchen. In addition, you will be assured of an exciting new way to enjoy your house and connect with your loved ones!

We are often asked whether adding a second story is worthwhile. Therefore, we have compiled a summary of the significant advantages below!

Gain More Living Space

One of the most apparent benefits of 2nd storey additions to your house is the additional amount of living space for your family to enjoy. You won’t have to worry about not accommodating everyone as other generations join the family. You may continue to live in the area you like, which fits your family’s lifestyle. Building up will enable you to remain in the comfort of your own house while being surrounded by vast open areas or suburbs and services that you need, desire, and value for many years!

Keep Your Outdoor Space

Why make the tough choice to decrease your yard and entertaining outside area when you may instead build up into space? Outdoor space is frequently limited and valuable for people who live in cities or towns.

In addition, children and dogs primarily need much-needed outside space to exercise and play. At the same time, adults often enjoy their yard to develop a garden, visit family and friends, or relax with a cold drink in the summer or a warming cup of tea in the winter. Thus, 2nd storey additions may be a simple way to provide additional living space without sacrificing the outside living area that you can’t live without.

Extra Privacy

This one is for the grownups! Build a top floor that separates your family from your visitors by adding a guest suite, or better yet, separate yourself from the children by constructing a parents retreat or master bedroom with a walk-in closet and ensuite!

A house with a 2nd storey additions may also help reduce neighbours’ ability to look into bedrooms and bathrooms, not to mention the added advantage of noise reduction, since upper rooms on the furthest side of the house are typically separated from the sound of traffic.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Finally, a substantial increase in the market value of your house is seen as a significant advantage of constructing a quality second story. This is because 2nd storey additions add more living space and, in most instances, a desirable view, thus increasing the value of your current house if you decide to sell in the future.

Building 2nd storey additions for your house also requires major architectural and technical modifications to the structure of your existing roofing, electric circuits, and plumbing, all of which may be costly. In addition, this may not be very safe. On the other hand, home addition and renovation experts will offer suggestions for the design of your second story to offer you the most value for your money while also meeting your family’s needs.

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