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Factors To Consider For Buying Stainless Steel Sinks

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Sinks have always been a prevalent item of domestic places and as time passes by, more and more people have been integrating stainless steel sinks in their houses in Sydney. As far as the commercial area is concerned, stainless steel sinks represent professional kitchens and it is a rare sight to see a kitchen without these. Stainless steel is resistant and quite significant for your kitchen as it can withstand water, rust, etc. and lasts long. 


Many providers encompass the finest collection of stainless steel materials all over Sydney. You will be amused to find such a vast collection accompanied by top-of-the-line professional work. In case you are thinking of integrating the stainless steel sink in your house or commercial area, you might need some factors to consider before going ahead:


Sinks are usually measured by their total lengths like a 30-inch sink or a 36-inch sink. The sizes vary from 8-inch sinks to as long as 60-inch sinks for double or triple-sized bowls. Some of the examples of sizes are:


Single-Bowl Sink (20 inches long and 33 inches wide)

Double-Bowl Sink (22 inches long and 45 inches wide)

Apron Sink (25 inches long and 36 inches wide)


In the case of the majority of providers, you can easily find the size and dimensions of sinks with the pictures published on their websites. If customer support is decent enough, you can also ring them and ask for details.  

Sink Gauge

A gauge of the sink represents the thickness of the steel. Thicker gauge stands for better quality. Normally, gauge measurement of sink is between 14-20 where the lower number stands for a thicker gauge. For a good experience, you should consider a gauge of a minimum of 18 units. With a thickness, the highly-shined gauge will look like a mirror once it is polished well. Make sure to clean from time to time to avoid water spots. 


There are a variety of stainless steel sinks designs all over Sydney and they vary as:

Built-in Drainboard

With this type of sink, you can wash dishes and place them over the board that is inclined in the direction of the sink bowl, avoiding water drainage.

Off-sink Faucets

Off-sink faucets have the faucet placed back of the sink or back on the wall behind the sink. This is mostly used in the case of under-mount sinks.

Predrilled Hole

There might be an additional pre-drilled hole in your sink for the installation of a drinking water faucet or soap dispenser.

Sound Insulation

Sound Insulation may not seem much of a factor but it does have significance. Your stainless steel sink would not sound good without sound insulation. Sprayed-textured coating behind the sink is a type that is most commonly used for sound insulation.

Stainless Steel Grade

There are four types of Grade in stainless steel that represent various purposes. The most common type of grades is 201, 301, 302, 304, 316 where 304 Grade represents Food Grade stainless steel that is often used for integrated sinks in domestic areas and does not let food spoil the steel. Similarly, 316 Stainless Steel represents Marine Grade stainless steel often used in commercial applications. 

Where to Buy the Best Stainless Steel Sinks in Sydney?

When all of the above factors are taken into consideration, you need to find a proper place to get them. CSI Stainless Steel is the ideal solution to your dilemma. With an assorted range of products and professional experience, you can have what you always needed.

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