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4 Facts That Can Help you in all terrain Scissor Lift Hire

4 Facts That Can Help you in all terrain Scissor Lift Hire

The rough terrain scissor lifts are ideal for traversing rough outdoor terrains. So, the idea of all terrain scissor lift hire will be appropriate if you use it on an uneven surface, like a construction site. 

Indeed, the scissor lifts can be beneficial with various applications at construction sites, warehousing, properties, shipping and other industries. But the equipment will be helpful only when settling for a suitable scissor life. 

1. Know the types of all-terrain scissor lift hire

There are primarily three types of scissor lifts available:

  1. Hydraulic
  2. Electric
  3. Diesel

If you are planning to use the equipment at high temperatures in outdoor conditions, the hydraulic all-terrain scissor lift hire will be a better decision. Changing temperatures have a lesser impact.

But for indoor use, electric scissor lifts are a reasonable solution. The diesel-run models will be ideal for outdoor sites as there will be the release of fumes owing to the diesel engine. 

2. Competency in operations

Before planning the all-terrain scissor lift hire, think about whether you or any other employee can operate the scissor lift. The operator must obtain a specific license to use the scissor lift. 

Look for models with essential features if that will be fine for managing the work at hand. But to hire advanced models, you need competent hands to handle the equipment. 

3. Large platform

One of the many factors that lead to the decision to hire the scissor lifts for all-terrain use is the presence of larger platforms. Ladders don’t give you the necessary space to accommodate a specific number of workers and their equipment and tools. 

Workers can save valuable time on reaching a wider expanse of the ceiling or wall without re-positioning the equipment. 

But don’t forget to measure the area available on the platform before all terrain scissor lift hire. 

4. Four-wheel drive

Consider a building construction site. Isn’t it difficult to navigate any machine over gravel, bitumen, mud, and grass? But it won’t be a headache now if you hire the all-terrain scissor lift. 

The machine will offer four-wheel drive, which is ideal for driving the machine across such rugged terrains. Some manufacturers are designing scissor forklifts that will help workers.

But it would help you look for diesel-run or gas-powered models that can ensure maximum power. 

A safe option

The above facts will help you to invest in suitable scissor lifts. But if you still have doubts about all terrain scissor lift hire, do remember that it is the best equipment for offering protection to the workers.

Working at dangerous construction sites threatens the lives of construction site workers. The scissor lifts minimise the risk factors. So, you can forget about paying compensation for work-related injuries if you invest in the scissor lifts.