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Some Of The Most Important Aspects That You Need To Know About Any Asian Funeral

Some Of The Most Important Aspects That You Need To Know About Any Asian Funeral

The specifics of every Asian funeral are determined by factors such as the deceased’s marital and social position, as well as his or her age. Feng Sui is an important aspect of the Chinese burial tradition. Organising physical areas to balance energy with the natural world is known as Feng Sui. Following on from this, deciding where to bury the deceased can be a difficult task. It is thought that the location of a loved one’s ashes affects the chi of their entire family.

What is the arrangement of a Chinese funeral service?

Any Asian funeral service, or to be specific, Chinese funeral, commences with a wake (shou ling), during which family members take turns sitting with the deceased as they prepare to enter the afterlife. This procedure can last up to 7 days and occurs at the deceased’s home or a nearby temple. Mourners offer meals, incense, joss paper, white envelopes of money, and other items to place as an offering at the shou ling. Mourners attend a funeral ceremony when a eulogy is delivered. The deceased’s family then gives each guest a scarlet envelope with a penny inside to ensure they return home safely.

Is money exchanged during an Asian funeral?

Offering money is an important aspect of the Asian funeral custom. Those attending the wake are encouraged to bring cash in white envelopes. This is then used to conduct the funeral. Their relationship to the deceased determines the amount offered by guests. Then there’s joss paper, or paper money, distributed and burned during the wake. This money is thought to be given to the deceased’s soul.

What do you say at a funeral in Asia?

Prayers may be recited at the last funeral ritual, depending on the faith of the deceased’s family. Elders (those older than the deceased) are not permitted to recite prayers during the ritual.

If the deceased was not wedded, their body is kept at the funeral home because no children are available to carry out the service. The ritual is silent if the deceased is a youngster or a baby.

What should I wear to a funeral in Asia?

This is subject to religious tradition. Mourners typically wear subdued colours, and it is vital to remember that the colour red is never worn. Red represents happiness and is typically worn at weddings. White can sometimes be worn for funerals, and so is pink if the departed soul is over 80.

What is the cost of an Asian funeral?

The cost of an Asian funeral varies depending on where it is held in Australia. Your local funeral planner will determine the cost of the funeral.


Following the funeral, a procession is made to the crematorium or cemetery. This is frequently conducted by a band playing loud music to fend off ghosts. A huge image of the deceased is generally displayed on the hearse. Based on the family’s money, paid mourners may be recruited to make up figures at the funeral.