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Bathroom Renovations Ideas To Save Money

Bathroom Renovations Ideas To Save Money

However, although many people worry about the expense of a complete bathroom renovation project, there are several affordable bathroom renovation ideas that can help make your project a bit more economical overall. Using salvaged materials for your master bathroom renovation in Eastern Suburbs house can be transformed into a dreamy place. Painting the walls a different shade of blue, or changing the design of the shower curtain, may save you hundreds of dollars while simultaneously turning your bathroom into a modern spa-like refuge.

Undertake Tasks Which You Can Easily Do:

The cost of labour is the most expensive component of a bathroom renovation. If you’re proficient with DIY projects, you may save money by taking care of specific responsibilities yourself, or even completing the job yourself if you’re a skilled craftsman or artisan. Consider the following scenario, if you don’t mind creating a lot of mess, you can do the whole job alone. You must, however, exercise caution while attempting to do the task alone. If you have to engage a professional, you’ll have to pay them for their license, which is another opportunity to save money on your project.

Try To Mix Match & Play With The Room Lightings: 

For a bathroom that is dark in colour and lacks natural light, increasing the amount of natural light in the room is a simple and affordable approach to make the area seem brighter. Dark walls absorb a great deal of light and are very difficult to repair. Fortunately, you may resolve this issue simply by painting the walls a brighter shade of blue. Installing solar tubes, also known as light tubes, in your bathroom will make it brighter and more inviting. They’re less costly to acquire and install, so consider them if you want to save your funds. 

Tune-Up The Fixtures: 

Changing the plumbing fixtures or the sink may also raise the cost of a bathroom renovation by several hundred dollars. If you have an old tub, you may paint it in your preferred colour to give it new life. Another option is to resurface the flooring, install new fixtures, and alter the lighting. Additionally, constructing an enclosed closet to hold toiletries and other bathroom supplies will help organise your bathroom countertops. However, even with the hefty expense of a complete bathroom redesign, there are several methods to save money when upgrading your bathroom. 

Use VJ Boards:

A bathroom renovation is costly, and the cost of tiles might account for a significant portion of your budget. You will save hundreds of dollars in tile costs by using VJ board instead of tiles on your non-essential walls. This will enable you to use the savings to fund the feature tile. It is also possible to save money on tiles by using VJ board on a non-essential wall, enabling you to use the savings to support a feature tile. And if you’re feeling very ambitious, you may fully redo the floor, sink, and vanity to give the room a whole different appearance.

Make Use of Shelves:

While cabinetry is a vital component of a bathroom renovation, it can also be a significant financial investment. Instead of cabinets, utilise shelves if you want to save money on storage space. Shelving is a low-cost option that provides the same amount of storage as cabinets while also adding additional ornamental elements to the room. Furthermore, you may install a shelf above the toilet that shows decorative things, or a mirror with a shelf above it. Alternatively, consider the expense of a new floor, which may then be used to house the shelf system in its place.