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Easy Ways To Unclog Your Drains

Easy Ways To Unclog Your Drains

A clogged drain is one of the most typical reasons for consulting a plumber. Blocked sinks are the source of various minor issues, including offensive odours and water that won’t drain. But life can quickly become a nightmare if these issues continue to fester. It is terrific news that you can unclog your blocked drains Surry Hills. With the recommendations, things will start to go more smoothly right away. Here mentioned are the easy ways to unclog your drains:

Boiling water:

Pouring a saucepan of boiling water down a blocked drain surry hills will clear it out quickly and easily. This alone can frequently free up or remove the obstruction without more unnecessary procedures. Use only metal or ceramic pipes for this procedure because PVC joints may become loose due to heat. Use hot tap water for PVC pipes rather than boiling water. 

Use baking soda and vinegar:

This mixture’s fizzing power can also help to clear tiny clogs, such as those in your bathroom sink. Before waiting for the water to clear, pour boiling water down the drain. Next, use a half-cup of baking soda to flush the drain. After that, add one cup of boiling water and one cup of white vinegar. Let this mixture sit for as long as possible for the best results, but at least give it an hour to work its magic. Use the hot tap to remove it later, and then check to see if the water is draining correctly.

Use wet or dry vacuum:

A wet or dry vacuum does precisely what its name says, but it removes both damp and dry dirt and dust. Plumbers are frequently used to suck waste from blocked drains, especially when the blockage is severe. To avoid a mess, cover the plughole with a seal before you begin, so an old plunger head works nicely. Vacuum it for one or two minutes after turning it on. You can have a better result by following this method. 

Caustic cleaner:

Drain cleaners made of caustic chemicals are available at your neighbourhood hardware store or grocery store. These substances can remove grease, hair, food, and other typical blockages. They should only be used sparingly because they damage the environment. Cleaning agents with caustic properties will only remove solid masses like tree roots or small home objects. When using chemical cleaners, always wear gloves and goggles. To eliminate any residue from chemical cleaners, rinse your pipes with water.


Your pipelines might require complete excavation in the worst-case scenarios. A plumber can precisely locate the obstruction so they know which pipe needs to be dug up. After excavating the surrounding area, the plumber can fix or replace the blocked drains surry hills. After that, the area around the new pipe can be backfilled, returning your property to its previous state. Entrusting a qualified plumber with this work is recommended because it can be rather complicated.

Final thoughts:

There are several causes of blocked drains surry hills. Some of these are apparent, but you might not even think of others. If you hear gurgling sounds, your gutters are emptying slowly, or you smell something nasty, try using any of the advised remedies. If they are not functional, it is time to call a plumber. You should check your plumbing system regularly to avoid serious problems.