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Impact Of Decking Timber On Your Home- A Complete Guide

Impact Of Decking Timber On Your Home- A Complete Guide

When it comes to enhancing outdoor living space, decking timber is often the first choice of all the intelligent people out there. Some of the main reasons for cheap decking timber are that, cost-efficient, enhances the longevity of the deck and comes in various patterns and shapes. As simple as that. This article will take you on a roller-coaster ride, where you will get the answers to all your doubts about whether to install decking timber or not. Specifically, we will deal with the impact of installing timber in the backyard.

Decking Material

Apart from being commonly referred to as “cheap decking timber”, it comes in various materials.

Here, have a look at all the varieties that the timber decking industry offers – 

Wood Decking – Wood decking enhances the natural picturesque of the garden with the brown polish and elegant look. It is cheaper than other types of decking timber. However, it requires great effort in terms of upkeep and maintaining quality. This one comes with a much shorter life span.

Composite Decking – This is a material made up of a blend of wood, plastic and fibre. So thereby offers a long lifespan. Some types can even last for as long as 25 years. However, the installation and later investment are much more than wood decking.
So, you might end up seeing a lower return on investment.

Enhanced Outdoor Living

A well-placed and installed cheap timber deck can give an entirely new outlook to your patio. Decking timber provides a comfortable and safe platform for various activities like unwinding, hosting gatherings, and enjoying the beauty of nature. It is so durable for handling foot traffic in moments of public gathering. It can also withstand furniture and harsh weather conditions.


Cheap decking timber is more vulnerable to major warping, splitting, and rotting. All these stimuli can result in a shorter life span and increased maintenance costs. To increase the lifespan, you have to keep in mind a few points. Some of them include regular stain removal, polishing, power cleaning, regular sealing, etc. Even if you are quite particular in maintenance- the lifespan of cheap decking timber may just extend by a few years.

Cheap Decking Timber – The Bottom Line

Choosing the right decking timber involves weighing various factors, from aesthetics and functionality to installation charges and many more attributes. While cheap decking timber may offer cheaper material for installation, but might require double the effort in maintenance. Investing in high-quality decking timber ensures that your deck turns out to be a valuable and lasting addition to your home.


What material to go for, what other services does the installer provide, what is the design and many more things? You will be presented with a plethora of choices, but with what type of decking timber do you want to adorn your outdoor living area?
This article leaves you with a question to decide. Consider all the insights given above and choose for yourself.