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Everything You Need To Know About The Removal Of Tile

by | Mar 8, 2021 | Home Improvement | 0 comments

Tile removal is such a delicate and tiring task that it is always better to seek help from a contractor who can do the work for you. Tiles either break off after a certain period of time, get stained, or cracks at weird points. Even though the first thought which you will get is to repair it as that is the cheapest option, however, it is better to check out the condition of the tile at first if it is really old.

In the end, the repaired tile will start causing you trouble just after two or three years, and in that case, replacing them will be the most suitable decision. And if you consider reinstalling the tiles, contacting a contractor is the first thing that you need to do. First, you need to find out the cost of the tile removal procedure followed by the installation process. 

But there are several other factors that you must know about before moving ahead with the tile removal option.

Is Tile Removal easy?

As stated earlier, the removal process of tile is not at all easy. And this is mainly because there is no simple process to access the sides of the tiles as those are fixed in such a way so that it does not end up coming up. However, you can easily shove all the corners of a random tile by using a hammer butt. And then, all you need to do is to find out the one which is a bit lost. 

After that, if you can succeed in pulling up one using a chisel, removing the rest of it won’t be such a big deal anymore. But most of the people don’t have the right tools and equipment at their home. And that is why hiring a professional contractor is the best choice as they would remove the tiles tactfully without causing any damage to your house or floors.

Can Tiles be removed without damaging them?

If the old tiles are almost worn out completely maybe it won’t be such a bad choice to place the new ones upon that. It is definitely going to save a lot of money, labour, and time which you would have spent while tearing apart the old ones. However, just make sure to check that there are no cracks or nicks on the existing tiles which can be a sign for issues with the concrete present below it.

But the best decision would be to contact a reputed contractor and take advice first before placing the new ones upon the worn-out tiles. Choose an experienced and qualified professional as they are going to give you the best advice and will also give you suggestions about which would be the most suitable decision to take for your house.

You must definitely think about your budget and other probable costs before making any final decision. Besides that, make sure to seek help from an expert for getting the most beneficial results and for getting high-grade pieces of advice as well. Besides that, they will not only help you with the maintenance part of the tiles, rather they might give you certain important ideas to cut down the cost of reinstalling it as well.

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