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4 Ways How The Backpack Vacuum Cleaners Exceed The Advantages Of Traditional Vacuum Cleaners

by | Feb 25, 2022 | Health | 0 comments

Maintaining cleanliness in the commercial space is an essential requirement for every business. If you have visited a shopping mall or a restaurant, or any other public space that is dirty, you will always avoid re-visiting. So, if the same applies to your business, then you may have already lost many clients if you are not particular about maintaining cleanliness. The back pack vacuum cleaners are the ideal tools to keep the commercial space clean and safe. 

If you have been planning to invest in a new commercial vacuum, then the back pack models of vacuum can be better than the traditional floor models.

The following information will be inspiring if you are interested in checking the efficiency level of the back pack vacuums:

1. More productive equipment:

If you have used the conventional models of vacuum cleaners, you will know that the most annoying factor about the cleaner is the necessity to maneuver it constantly while cleaning and also focus on not tripping over the power chord. With the lightweight backpack vacuum cleaners, you can simply carry it on your back and enjoy free movements to all the sections of the space. 

  • Cleaning is more efficient and thorough both in residential and commercial places.
  • Easy lifting of the hose from the ground will also allow the operator to use it for dusting purposes. 

It is possible to clean almost 2875 square feet of flooring in an hour if you use the traditional models, which increase to 7400 square feet area approximately on using the back pack models.

2. Cost reduction:

Can you imagine the money you can save from avoiding the labour cost for the inefficient upright vacuum? The workers would take three times longer to clean the same area if they didn’t use back pack vacuum cleaners. 

  • Consider the hourly wages of your cleaners and then sum up how much you are saving by avoiding the charges of more cleaners for the entire year. 
  • As the vacuum cleaners have easy construction, it is convenient to clean them and keep them in good condition for a prolonged period to avoid unnecessary repairs or replacements. 

The significant cost reduction is always a feasible reason to switch over to the back pack models.

3. More ergonomic:

The cleaning process is not dangerous, but there can be plenty of ways by which the cleaners can injure themselves while working. Poor ergonomic and over-exhaustion are responsible for the injuries. The back pack vacuum cleaners balance the weight on your back, reducing the risk of many injuries. As these are lighter, the physical stress will be lower. 

4. More health benefits:

Cleaning is not only about a neat appearance but also about hygiene. To prevent health hazards, you should regularly use the back pack vacuum cleaners both at work and at home to ensure the removal of dust particles and other accumulations that can otherwise trigger health hazards. 

Staying healthy depends on the air you breathe in. Cleaning the indoor air is possible if you can get rid of the dust particles with the help of convenient backpack vacuums. 


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