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5 Excellent Brand Instagram Bios To Inspire Your Own

by | Aug 18, 2022 | digital marketing | 0 comments

If you are looking for the right social media place to make your brand presence, then Instagram can become your best friend. When it comes to social media marketing campaigns, Instagram has the best algorithm to support your business ideas. However, to make your Instagram business account more lucrative, your bio should be one of a kind. 

Here are five excellent brand Instagram bios to inspire your own:

Why Having A Good Business Instagram Bio Is Important?

When someone opens your business Instagram account, your bio is the first thing that should catch their eye. It should be precise and well defined as it represents you as a brand. Your Instagram bio should accurately describe what you are selling and what is your brand’s purpose. 

Here are some of the points you can follow to make your business bio impressive:

  • Promote your latest products and specials.
  • Be clear in what you are selling so that your customers know what to look for.
  • Add an attractive punchline to express what your brand values are.
  • Use call-to-action (CTA) to drive maximum traffic to your website.
  • Use relevant hashtags to reach more of your target audience.

5 Excellent Brand Instagram Bios That Inspire


Nike has an excellent brand Instagram bio. The bio says: “Spotlighting athlete* and 👟 stories.” This line describes their brand very well. They have also added hashtags like #blacklivesmatter and #stopasianhate. These tags promote their company and brand values as a whole. They have also put a CTA link to their website to drive the traffic. 

2.The Wing

The Wing is a social club network for women. Their bio clearly states what they are and what their mission is. This makes The wing’s Instagram bio one of the best in the field. This brand has also included a CTA link and its official address, so help women connect with them. 

3. Lush Cosmetics North America 

The brand name in itself shows where the location is based. This clarifies what the customers should look for when they are searching for the official address. Moreover, their brand Instagram bio says what type of components they use in their products which makes it easy for their customers to look for the best.

4. Madewell

The clothing brand Madewell has an excellent Instagram bio. The punchline “Good days start with great jeans” is catchy, impressive and informative. With just a few words, this line very well describes what the brand is about and what they aim to sell. Also, they have added a handy  three -step guide on how to purchase items via their Instagram shop. 

5. Dunkin

For their Instagram bio, they have tweaked a little bit with their famous brand tagline. The original line says: “America runs on Dunkin’.” They have modified it creatively to put “IG runs on Dunkin’. This makes the bio eye-catching and funny and also expresses their brand value well. 

If you are a budding online brand, it is a good idea to start a social media account for your company. Focus on what you are as a brand and the product you are selling. You can also hire a social media marketing company in Sydney to ramp up the hits and enhance your brand! 

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