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5 Things You Should Have On Your To-Do List On Your Trip To Mt. Isa!

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Are you planning to visit Mt Isa for your next trip?  Mt Isa, Qld has a large number of destinations where tourists can visit. There is no dearth of accommodation in Mt Isa, Qld as it boasts a large number of Inns and resorts at walking distance from major attractions. So, once you have arrived at Mt. Isa, here are different locations you should definitely visit!


Hard Times Mining Tour!

With a rich mining history, it seems only logical to put on some bright orange overalls, gumboots, and a matching orange hard hat with a cap lamp.  Join the Hard Times Mining Tour is the best place to start. Squeeze into an Alimak Cage and go down to the depths of a replica mine to hear stories from an ex-Isa miner!


A Trip to The Hospital!

The Mount Isa Underground Hospital in Qld was built as a civil hospital during the war by off – duty miners in 1942. The hospital was set up underground to treat people at safe distance from Japanese bombers ‘ looming threat of aerial attacks. 

With original furnishings and medical equipment based on photo memorabilia, this hospital was restored to its glory days after years of being forgotten. Join a guided tour as you wind through the tunnels that make up the 40-bed hospital and travel back in time.


Oh My, Mary Kathleen Mine!

This one is not for the faint-hearted. No, Mary Kathleen mine is not an old Uranium mine, but because you’re going to think you’ve stepped into a John Wayne deserted flick set. The Mary Kathleen Mine and Township was officially opened in 1958 and had reached About 1,000 inhabitants. But the entire city was dismantled and cleared after it was shut down in 1981, leaving behind dirt roads and driveways leading to bare concrete foundations.  


Ride Into a Rodeo!

Were you aware that Mount Isa hosts the southern hemisphere’s largest rodeo? You’ll go to Buchanan Park, where the legendary Mount Isa Mines Rotary Rodeo event happens every year. If you’re in Isa between 9-12 August, you are in for a massive treat.  

Put on your akubra hat, get in the spirit of rodeo and rock with the locals with a variety of activities, from street parades and market stalls to open-air concerts – not to mention the whip-cracking great fun you’ll have in the rodeo arena.


Into The City! 

If you are short on time and want to get the feel of the city, get tickets to this City Tour. You will see traditional dwellings and the heritage – the villa where Queen Elizabeth once stayed – Casa Grande – as well as an inside look at Glencore mine tour. You will then head to the train station to see where the Darwin – bound “Progress and Prosper” rail tracks came to a halt.  Then you will have your photo taken with lead smelter and bore mill as your backdrop. The tour then ends at Buchanan Park with a quick stop.

So, pack your bags, and strap on your boots, Mark Mt. Isa as your next destination on your vacation map and get on with it! 


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