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A Complete Guide On English Language Courses (ELICOS)

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If you wish to pursue an ELICOS course in Australia, then you need to conduct proper research about the topic. This course is aimed at making students fluent in English and feels confident while speaking. 

Usually, the course is present at various levels. ELICOS stands for English Language Intensive Course For Overseas Students. The total duration of this course is 56 weeks, and the delivery mode is on campus. 

According to the presence of campuses, there are three campuses in North Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth. Offered by the Institute of Health and Management, this course aims to make the students fluent in English and help individuals grow. You will be considered an ‘International’ student if you are not a permanent resident of Australia or its citizen.

Why should you choose ELICOS?

The ELICOS course in Australia is an excellent beginning for anyone who wants to learn. Today, English has become the global language, and it acts as a source of connection between the two distinctly speaking people. It is the language that finds its use in every sphere of work. 

Whether it is administrative work, education mode, interviews for jobs, workspace, or any other place, every type of communication occurs through this language only. It acts as a mediator for everyone. 

General English

You must know that the General English course aims to improve the overall language skills of an individual and eventually his overall personality. They can improve their language for work, social services, or even study purposes. This program is a perfect fit for both short-term and long-term students. 

Short-term students include tourists and backpackers, while long-term students include those willing to complete further studies or those who have taken a gap. 

Talking about the ELICOS courses, there are four levels present: Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, and Upper-intermediate.

English For Academic Purposes

Students who want to study further and pursue degrees can select English for Academic Purposes. This course focuses mainly on improving academic English and letting you become professional in every aspect.

What are the benefits of studying this course?

There are a lot of benefits of learning a language that people often tend to ignore. Some of the significant benefits that you get through enrolling in ELICOS course in Australia are:

Enhanced confidence

An individual often feels embarrassed if he cannot communicate effectively or convey his opinions to others. You will keep lagging in the workspace if you do not work on developing your language skills. 

Furthermore, learning through this course will teach confidence in you, and you will feel more energetic to socialize with others.

Ability to speak at any hour of the day

Be it a formal or informal setting, once you have command over the language, you can speak anything anywhere. You do not feel hesitation in any kind of situation and talk freely. The grammar and vocabulary are also developed when you learn this course.

Make sure that you register for the ELICOS course in Australia as soon as possible and grab your seats quickly!

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