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What Are The Different Types Of Ceiling Fans Available In Australia?

What Are The Different Types Of Ceiling Fans Available In Australia?

Ceiling fans are needed to cool you down and let the air circulate in your house or office. Although there is a  wide range of fans, from wall fans to standing fans, the bus ceiling fan is the most efficient to use for all time and every space.

When we think of a ceiling fan, we often think of 3 blades with a cup, but is that so? No, there are other ceiling fans in Australia ranging with edges from 2 to 5 according to your comfort for cooling air circulation for domestic and commercial use.

Types Of Ceiling Fans

  • Standard Ceiling Fan

It is the most conventional type of ceiling fan to be used. It comes mainly with three or four blades with metal arms known as “blade iron”. This type of fan is convenient for flat and sloped ceilings.

  • Low Profile Ceiling Fan

Low profile fans are usually ideal for rooms less than 8 feet. It is mounted to a down rod. There can be custom designs for low profile ceiling fans as well.

  • Dual Motor Ceiling Fan

Also referred to as twin ceiling fans or double-headed fans, the type of fan is precisely what the name suggests; it has two motors. This fan offers both style and quality.

  • Energy Star Ceiling Fan

Available in both standard and low ceiling options in Australia. It helps save a lot of money by being energy efficient and is beneficial for the environment.

  • Remote Control Ceiling Fans

Now there are modern fans with a remote control system to make our lives easier. With the control, you can change the fan’s light, speed, and direction. These are perfect for large bedrooms and auditoriums.

  • Damp And Wet Ceiling Fans

These are known for impeccable resistance to wet and humid conditions. It can be installed outdoors on porches and lawns.

  • Commercial Ceiling Fans

For air circulation in offices, restaurants, shopping malls etc. this is the best option. They are mainly designed for spaces of heights more than 10 to 25 feet.

  • Industrial Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are designed to withhold the heavy-duty outcomes of an industrial setting to produce a significant amount of airflow, resulting in ideal working conditions for workers.

  • Outdoor Ceiling Fans

To create a relaxed atmosphere in the summer, outdoor fans are necessary. It also includes lights to have the light and air condition change according to your mood.

  •  Agricultural Ceiling Fans

Agricultural areas like farms should have the proper ventilation system to make the environment comfortable. These fans help reduce the unbearable smell of cow dung and fungi.


Ceiling fans in Australia are a must for better technology and low utility bills. Choose from the wide range and designs of ceiling fans to ensure your comfort and safety. Ceiling fans are the best option for styling as well. It also aids in better indoor airflow in both summers and winters.