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Choosing The Right Retrofit Garage Door Opener For Your Needs

Your garage door opener is essential to your garage, providing convenience, security, and safety. Retrofitting one can significantly improve your daily life if you have an existing garage without an automatic opener. However, selecting the suitable retrofit garage door opener for your specific needs can take time and effort with the numerous available options. This article will guide you through the key considerations when choosing the perfect retrofit garage door opener.

Determine Your Garage Door Type:

Your garage door type is a crucial factor in choosing a suitable opener. There are three main types: sectional, tilt-up, and roll-up. Each type may require a different type of garage door opener. Sectional doors are the most common and work well with most garage door openers. Tilt-up doors may need a specialised opener, and roll-up doors typically use jackshaft or side mount openers. Make sure to choose an opener that is compatible with your door type.

Consider the Opener Drive Type:

There are three primary drive types for garage door openers: chain-drive, belt-drive, and screw-drive. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

  • Chain- drive openers are reliable and cost-effective but tend to be noisier.
  • Belt- drive openers are quiet and offer smooth operation but are generally more expensive.
  • Screw-drive openers are known for their low maintenance requirements, but they might not be as quiet as belt-drive options.
  • Consider the noise level you can tolerate and your budget when choosing.

Evaluate the Opener’s Power:

The power of the opener’s motor is critical, especially for larger or heavier garage doors. The power is measured in horsepower (HP). A 1/2 HP motor is sufficient for most residential garage doors. However, if you have a particularly heavy or oversized door, consider a 3/4 HP or 1 HP motor for smoother and more efficient operation.

Look for Safety Features:

Safety should be a top priority when selecting a retrofit garage door opener. Look for features like automatic reverse functionality, which ensures the door reverses movement if it encounters an obstruction, such as a person or an object. Additionally, consider openers equipped with rolling code technology, which enhances security by changing the code each time the door is operated to prevent unauthorised access.

Explore Smart Home Integration:

In the age of smart homes, many garage door openers come with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to control and monitor your garage door remotely through a smartphone app. This feature can be highly convenient, enabling you to open or close your garage door from anywhere. Before purchasing, check if the opener is compatible with your preferred home automation platform, such as Alexa or Google Home.

Battery Backup and Power Outage Support:

Consider opting for an opener with a battery backup system. This is invaluable during power outages, as it ensures you can open and close your garage door when the electricity is down. It’s a feature that adds an extra layer of convenience and safety to your garage door operation.


Retrofitting a garage door opener is a fantastic way to upgrade your garage’s functionality and security. By considering factors like your garage door type, drive type, power, safety features, smart home integration, backup systems, and warranty, you can make an informed decision and choose the suitable retrofit garage door opener that perfectly suits your needs. Whether for added convenience, security, or peace of mind, the right choice will make your daily life smoother and more secure.