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Types Of Building Decks

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People often think of broadening the areas of their house or the garden area to fulfil their requirements. Someone needs to add up a garden area or a patio and some need to extend their house a bit more. Therefore, it can be accomplished with the help of deck builders who are specialised in creating decks. Deck builder from Sydney makes the decks from treated lumber, composite material, aluminium, and composite lumber. Several categories of deck options are available with different widths which range from 67mm to140 mm broad and density from 18 mm to 32 mm.


Millboard is the type of decking that has been made from oak timbers that gives it an amazing look and looks quite natural. An excellent option with a low maintenance cost, and it has a slip protected texture and is stain free too. It is made from resin and mineral time with natural timber glow. Therefore, this deck is the most stunning, durable and sturdy deck.

Northern Box

The northern box deck is an imported deck from Malaysia and Indonesia that is quite identical to the Northern brush box. We also call it Pelwan, which is very popular in Sydney. One can afford to purchase this deck as it is available at a reasonable rate.


One of the most beautiful decks is Jarrah which is made from hard timber and looks quite impressive. It contains a natural abrasion that is strong and long-lasting. It also has amazing colours and one can choose this type of deck for a real and distinct look.

Spotted Gum

It is one of the most famous hardwood decks. It is made with sharp drastic colours with a mixture of dark brown and pale yellow colours. The quality of this timber is quite reliable and the wavy grain presence makes a unique choice for decking.


The Tallowood deck is composed of yellowish-brown texture with a complexion of olive green colour. Its unique colour and interlocked grain make it a remarkable choice for deck lovers. 

Pacific Red Ironbark

Pacific red ironbark is the most wonderful timber you have ever heard of with a beautiful design and colour ranging from pale brown to deep red. Ironbark may be the best choice if you are looking to make a garden deck area due to its rot and fire-resistant feature ensuring long-lasting results.

Australian Grey Ironbark

It is the strongest deck out of all the decks we have understood so far. It looks quite stunning with its interior grain and leaves behind other decks hence this one can be preferred out of all.


The colour of the blackbutt ranges from golden yellow to pale brown with a straight grain, however interlocking sometimes; is very fascinating and this deck is a favourable choice for bush fire areas in Sydney.


This type of decking is quite famous and sturdy as well that is reddish-brown. It is very reasonable to get and make a style statement for decking.

Treated Pine

One of the affordable and flexible options for decking is with Treated pine timber. It is not long-lasting hence it needs regular sealing and painting. Depending upon the significance of the timber you can build the deck extending your house and give a beautiful unique finish to your home.

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