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Different Uses Of Labels For Kids

by | Apr 20, 2021 | Business | 0 comments

While everything has become tech-oriented and the world inclines more and more towards the virtual era, there are a few things that have been the same and hopefully will stay as they are. Labelling, being one of them, is one of the simplest yet quite beneficial activities to do. Labelling things is very common and does not get the appreciation as it should. It helps you differentiate between various objects and saves the hassle. Don’t know if it’s the bottle of salt or pepper? Look for the label. Similarly, there are personalised labels for kids that have many uses. These labels for kids can be used as follows:

Lunch Box & Water Bottle

If your kid is too little to spell out their name and goes to a kindergarten school, labelling their lunch pack might be one of the first things you would want to do. There are many kids coming to the school who are of the same age and they would have their lunch boxes and bottles as well. Your kid might not be able to recognise theirs or can forget them at school. When the teacher finds these with your kid’s name label on them, it makes things easier.


This goes without saying but your kid’s books should be labelled properly. Along with name labels for kids, you can also label their books as per the subject. When each kid has four or five books to them, there will be ample books in the school and the best way to differentiate is by labelling them. 


Labelling the clothes of your kids can be for two reasons: Either to help others recognise your kid’s clothes or for aesthetic purposes. Do you see the sportspeople with their names on the back of their tees? Kids may want to imitate the same and have a personalised name label for their clothes. If your child wears a coat or jacket to school, you should definitely label them as it can come off and put in a lost and found box. 


Kids just love their toys, don’t they? Do you know what they love more? Playing with others’ toys. When a bunch of kids come together with toys of their own, they don’t mind sharing and all the mess created will often lead to the conundrum of what is whose. While we know your kid won’t forget their toy, they might misplace it. Personalised labels for kids can be put to great use with toys. 


By parties, we don’t mean your typical weekend parties. Sometimes, parents or teachers arrange parties for a birthday or an occasion like Christmas where all the kids are invited. You may send your kid to the party but with all the necessary precautions. You should label your kid’s bag of supplies so it is not misplaced at the venue.

Signature Stickers

While you are using these labels for kids to take the necessary measures, your kid might like to use them everywhere. They may have this artsy desire to use the label for all the stuff they have or when they are gifting something to their friends. You should always have some additional personalised labels for kids that you can stick to whenever and wherever you need them.

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