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Everything You Must Consider Before Buying Pre Owned Caravans For Sale

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Buying new things is fun; the excitement and anticipation of unpacking new goodies can’t be compared with. However, one needs to be practical, especially if the investment is as significant as the one required to get a brand new caravan. 

And irrespective, getting pre owned caravans for sale doesn’t necessarily equate to something inferior or of sub-standard quality. With the right retailers who can promise trusted quality checks, you could get a selection of caravans to choose from that are as good as any new ones that you might find. Besides pre owned caravans have their own set of perks associated with them. 

However, before taking a plunge and buying one of the first pre-owned caravans for sale that you come across, you must cross-check certain aspects associated with it to ensure that the vehicle is functional and will serve you well. It is paramount that you do your homework and learn as much as possible about your choice and requirements before purchase.

Factors To Help You Make An Informed Decision – 

1. Do A Thorough Inspection

– When you are out to find suitable pre-owned caravans for sale, it’s the right time for donning the hat of an official investigator who is out for blood, i.e. one that draws out your every flaw. 

– You’ll need a notebook and pen; getting things in writing helps you understand things better and allows you to look back on your visit with a more removed perspective. You can note down any minor on the spot observations that are likely to be forgotten if left unsaid at the moment. It also helps to create individual pros and cons lists if you are going to look at multiple vehicles to avoid confusion. 

– Take pictures for a more thorough look-back.

– Ensure that you are detail-oriented, get along a tape measure, damp meter and a flashlight to check the material specifications or details of the caravan you are inspecting to get a better grasp on its functioning and current condition.

2. Questions To Ask The Seller 

– The pre owned caravans for sale are of what make? This includes detail on the brand, model and series that the caravan belongs to, along with the material used to make it and other specifications.

– Getting the ‘age’ of the caravan in question is another pertinent question. When was it first manufactured and made? Was it purchased new at the time of its official release by the previous owner? In case of any breakdowns or repairs, will you be able to source spare parts easily? How long did they use it? Is the condition of the vehicle in coherence with its age, or is it worse for wear? Does the van have any history or cases recorded against its plate? Does it have a service history? All these are questions to which you deserve an answer before considering a purchase.

3. External Appearance And Quality Check

– Check the surfaces for visible or prominent unfixable dents, cracks, scratches, rust on axles, deformation, blisters or discoloring. 

– Most notably, ensure that the locks, handles, and hinges on the van’s door and windows function properly and are in mint condition. 

– Conduct quality checks on piping, leak damage, wiring, battery condition, underfloor wear and tyre condition, external sockets, and gas gauge inspection.

4. Internal Appearance And Quality Check

– Check all the surfaces, walls, ceiling, and furniture for staining, scratches, or any other marks or damage.

– Inspect the functioning of the in-built appliances, locks, smoke, and alarm systems. Ensure that there are sufficient power sockets, water-storing capacity, and whether or not the bathroom provides a hot water facility.

– Ensure that the space does not have any damp or chemical-based smell in the air. Take measures to enable proper ventilation and insulation.

– Check for proper water, gas, electricity, and waste disposal functioning. 

Along with the checklist, as mentioned earlier, ensure that you have a budget in mind. While buying pre-owned caravans for sale is an inexpensive alternative to newer ones, it is still a considerable investment. You need to set about your search with a predetermined budget. This ensures that you have a starting point to keep you on the right track from the get-go and prevents straying off-route too often.

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