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Facebook Ads For Beginners: Faqs, How To Set Up & Time-Saving Tips

by | Aug 2, 2022 | digital marketing | 0 comments

There are numerous advertising strategies for your company. Facebook Ads is one of them. This is because, in recent years, the number of boosted posts has grown even more, as a way to break the organic reach bubble.

In this scenario, Facebook Ads has become one of the only avenues with the real ability to expand its reach exponentially. Before starting, you also need to understand this tool, its importance and how to create your account. Therefore, we bring all this information into this content through a professional social media agency in Sydney.

Importance Of Investing In Facebook Ads

With all the active users in the world, it is much easier to reach them with the help of Facebook Ads. You find the right profile of people for your business and get a better return on that investment. After all, it targets the ad to those who will be really interested. Plus, with targeting, you increase reach. So, some of the advantages are:

  • Increased visibility
  • The appearance of ads on mobile devices
  • Increased engagement on mobile devices
  • Expansion of your company’s marketing
  • Cost reduction to win customers
  • Engagement growth.

Steps To Create A Facebook Ads Account

The first step is to have a Facebook profile and a linked fan page. Then click on Ads Manager and enter your CPF or CNPJ of your company that will use the campaign account.

Then, put your name or that of your company and the post code. Also, enter address information. Once you’re done, a blue bar will appear that says “Ads Manager”.

By clicking on the three lines next to the name, a panel will appear. Select “Billing” and define how the payment method for the ads will be. There are four options: credit card, PayPal, Bank slip, and Facebook ads coupon.

The account will be ready to use. If you are a Facebook Ads beginner, you could contact an expert social media agency for maximum benefit. 

Facebook Ads Targeting Step By Step

When it comes to a campaign aimed at a specific audience, each of the steps described below will determine the success of your ad.

As a result, you’ll see an increase in audience engagement with your content. Choose each item carefully and spend as much time as possible researching your audience.

  • Location – you can set by country, state, city or post code. The distance radius for this range is also freely chosen. 
  • Demographic data – age, gender, relationship status and education level.
  • Interests – This targeting allows you to define your ideal audience according to the interests, hobbies and pages that this audience likes on Facebook. These terms can be obtained through the listed interests, activities, education, job titles, pages likes, or groups to which these people belong.

In addition to these steps, Facebook allows you to save audiences or automatically target ads to people who have liked your page and friends of those people, for example.


When creating content, focus on the most important points. The goal is to impact your current and potential customers. Look at the competition and see what you can use. 

Here, anything goes:

  • Backstage photos
  • Customer testimonials
  • Impactful phrases.

Thus, it is clear that Facebook Ads is a tool in constant evolution and, through the access available in the ad manager. It is possible to follow step by step to make your ideal campaign. Get in touch with a professional social media agency in Sydney to get started with your Facebook Ads. 

Spend time on the manager tutorial and whenever you start a campaign, access this path. This is the most efficient way to use Facebook Ads to their fullest potential.

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