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Follow This Step-By-Step Guide To Make Steel Window Frame Installation Simpler!

by | Jul 22, 2022 | Door & Windows | 0 comments

You’ll never go wrong with steel windows and doors when it involves first-rate safety and protection for your businesses. Steel door frames offer proprietors a reasonable and environmentally friendly solution among the simplest frame materials. That’s why today we’ll show the steel-framed doors Sydney expert way to install a steel door frame.

When you install commercial steel framed doors, you’ll do so before and after framing the wall. However, we’ll show you the right way to install these frames to existing stud walls. Before starting the method, you want the proper tools to set hollow metal door frames. 

Step 1: Find And Check The Rough Opening For The Frame

First, you’ll have to examine the current door frame. Check the following things:

The floor’s conditions will affect the mounting, The steel frame windows and doors’ width and height, strike type, hinge size, and closure mounting.

When defining the steel framed doors’ width, you’ll have to use your measuring tape to check the width starting from the exterior side of the side jambs. After taking this measurement, you’ll add half inches more. For the frame’s height, you should add to your size ¼ inches. Also, ensure that the floor is level. If it isn’t, experts in steel windows and doors suggest you add 0.5 inches or more to the header. 

Step 2: Remove Existing Moulding

If replacing an existing door frame, you’ll have to carefully remove it using the crowbar. Pull the upper moulding existing door. Then, repeat this tread on the bottom and middle part of the moulding. Do that until you altogether remove all the frames. For the hinges, use your screwdriver to get rid of them. 

Step 3: Insert Jamb Clips Into The Steel Windows And Doors’ Sides

After successfully preparing the steel windows and doors opening, you’ll proceed to the steel jamb clips. You’ll need a complete of four jamb clips. When placing these clips, you’ll have to do so to the back of the steel frame’s sides. For the underside clips, place them 4 inches from the lower half of the frame. Next, put the hooks 6 inches beneath the windows and doors header for the upper half of the windows and doors frame. Last, set the clips left at an equal distance between the lower and upper pins of windows and doors.

Step 4: Set The Frame Into The Opening

Now it’s time to put the frame in the rough opening. Once you do this, remember to use your hammer to bend the anchor ties. Also, attempt to centre each side of steel framed doors. Then, drill onto the hinge side of the hollow metal door frame anchors, using two screws for every clip. Also, remember that this step needs to be done directly opposing the strike side. If you install jambs that exceed 6 inches, you’ll have to use three screws.

Step 5: Prepare & Install Drywall

Last, you want to ensure that your steel framed doors are set up before covering the wall. Check if you placed everything correctly, ensuring the frame is level and straight. After all, steel frames aren’t like wooden frames since you can’t fix them afterwards.

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