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How To Buy A Stone Vanity Top?

by | Jan 24, 2021 | Home Improvement | 0 comments

Stone vanity tops offer many options to the discerning customer. Product durability and appearance are essential since the vanity tops are going to be used often. Beyond these considerations, there are matters of favour, design, and performance. Stone vanity tops come either standard or custom to fit your bathroom. 

The choice of stone vanity top is often overwhelming. Some basic sorts of materials are available to the homeowner, which helps narrow the selection to support what material is most appropriate for your bathroom furniture.  Several vanity tops’ foremost popular choices include marble, stone, prefabricated and artificial materials, slate, and tiles. In that case, you usually have the choice to put it in yourself, and lots of the prefabricated models accompany standard faucet holes pre-drilled.

Varieties To Look For In Stone Vanity Tops:

Stone Vanity tops make a superb choice. They’re popular and offer many varieties. Here may be a list of a couple of of them:

Granite Vanity top

Granite Vanity tops cater to different budgets. They will be too pricey, counting on the standard you choose, and at the same time, you have got the choice to shop for a cloth that’s of high-quality yet pocket-friendly. They’re pleasing to the attention and made to face up to heavy-duty. Whether you place a stove hot-pot or chop vegetables, it will endure the pain. Moreover, they’re super easy to wash. Spilt something? Wipe it off employing a moist sponge. You’ll not even be required to use any detergent.

Granite is the simplest and the most demanded among stone Vanity tops. They’re natural and are available in several patterns. One drawback, however, is sealing. This again isn’t an enormous problem as sealing may only be required after a decade has passed. By that point, probably you will already be thinking of getting your space remodelled.

Limestone Vanity top

Limestone may be a soft, heat resistant stone Vanity top. It’s fabulous to the eye; however, it’s not a wise investment. Its porous nature mars its beauty. You’ll be spending most of some time battling the spills and stains. Moreover, compared to other stone Vanity tops, it’s also more susceptible to scratches and cuts. 

Marble Vanity top

Being a natural stone, no marble slab is going to be almost like another. Marble Vanity top is preferred by those that favour decor over functionality. The distinctive swirls and veins appearing on marble add a category to your decor. They are, however, not the simplest among other stone Vanity tops. They are porous and react to acids and food colourings like vinegar and turmeric. With time, your marble Vanity top will begin to lose its original colour and should require polish.

Stone vanity tops are available in several shapes and sizes, and that they are available in all the colours of the spectrum. Therefore, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to seek vanity tops that will match whatever you have already got in your bathroom. The Stone vanity top is hard, easy to wash, and waterproof. Bring a unique look to your bathroom by having a durable vanity top made from ceramics. Hard stones like granite, marble, slate, etc., are the foremost durable vanity top. Choose the best for your space.

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