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How To Choose The Right Front Door Handles

by | Sep 12, 2023 | Hardware shop | 0 comments

A front door serves as a barrier protecting safety from danger by dividing the indoor environment from the exterior one. Modern locking systems that are constantly improving provide security. People often forget about front door handles while thinking about their interior design. However, by carefully choosing your door hardware, you may improve the interior of your home while also enhancing its security and functionality.

Doors are a useful, essential component of your home that serves as a separator and a point of access between rooms. The majority of homes will have numerous internal and external doors, all of which need the necessary hardware.

1. First, take into account the door’s height. 

Before deciding whether or not long pull front door handles are appropriate for your door, take into account the height of the door. If the door is for a home, it must not appear like a commercial front door, and vice versa. A word of advice: if the long pull handles are too large for the door, they may seem cheap.

2. Consider a unique design

Front door handles don’t have to be straight or straightforward. If you’re willing to try something new, think about handles with unique designs, such as the branch handle Design or Bronze handles.

3.  Finishes are tremendously important

Finishes are crucial in front door handles, so consider alternatives to stainless steel like bronze, black, or even a different colour.

4. Consider a concealed handle

If you desire a really basic appearance where even a handle isn’t apparent, take into account concealed front door handles. Designers that favour a more streamlined appearance with no evident method to pull a door open are especially fond of concealed handles.

5. Always think of the practicalities

Constantly consider the realities Pull handles may signify that you need a key to open the door, depending on the type of lock. So having a lever handle could be preferable. But if the door isn’t self-locking, a lever handle also implies you’d need to remember to lock it.

6. Lever handles aren’t very big

Keep in mind that lever front door handles aren’t very large if you prefer them to pull handles. The lever may appear small and out of place if your door is large. It’s crucial to think about handle size in relation to your door.

7. Handles are better fitted back to back.

Back-to-back front door handles fit together well. This is so that the force of use cannot be diminished, unlike if a pull handle were only installed on one side of a door. The handles are connected to one another. One-side handles might need to be tightened frequently.


Like with any other interior design project, it is most probable that you wish to apply a consistent aesthetic to your entire house. This can be accomplished by choosing to use the same door style across your entire house. Therefore, determining where to place your new front door handles, your overall theme, and if you should go with a more classic or modern style can be the first steps in selecting your ideal door furniture.

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