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Safety Measures To Follow When Using A Commercial Deep Fryer

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You can cook a variety of things in a deep fryer, including chicken, turkey, doughnuts, potatoes, and onion rings. Deep fat frying is a common cooking method in home kitchens, but commercial deep fryer is mostly used in restaurants. Using a commercial deep fryer is the secret to producing crispy and tasty chicken. Fires and burns can be caused by hot oil. Foodborne illnesses may result from improperly cooked meals.

In order to prevent injuries from deep-fat frying in restaurants and to make sure that food is cooked to a safe temperature, the following information offers crucial instructions:

Change the frying oil regularly.

Food can acquire a burnt, acrid flavour from dirty fry oil, which can become extremely smokey. Extremely risky fry oil is that which can potentially catch fire. Oil fires are notoriously challenging to put out, and they can seriously harm a commercial kitchen. It’s important to be mindful of the age of the oil you’re using because deep fryers contribute significantly to kitchen fires. 

Fry oil needs to be replaced after eight uses, at the least, to avoid any serious safety concerns. Never empty the oil down the sink when you’re done. When it’s time to change the oil, utilise a grease disposal service instead. Replacing the oil in your commercial deep fryer will enhance food flavour and aid in preventing oil ignition.

Don’t overfill the deep fryer.

The oil must be maintained at the proper level for the deep fryer to be used properly. Too much oil in the fryer or attempting to deep fry too much food at once can both lead to problems. A worker could be hurt by any sputtering or spitting of oil when the oil level is too high, and the floor could develop slippery places as a result. 

It could be time to buy a second appliance if you often feel the urge to overfill the deep fryer in order to cook additional meals. You can cook twice as much food in two fryers without running the risk of spilling it.

Keep the oil temperature consistent.  

A safety risk could be presented by oil that is heated too quickly. Oil can burn, boil over, or smoke when its temperature rises rapidly. Hot oil might splash over nearby workers, or food could burn beyond recognition. You may carefully watch the temperature by gradually increasing the heat.

Hire an expert to inspect the deep fryer regularly.

A routine inspection for flaws is the greatest approach to stop safety problems from arising with any equipment used in commercial kitchens. A commercial deep fryer is easy to clean and reduces the restaurant’s workload. As a deep fryer ages, grease can build up and impair its performance. The equipment may experience safety difficulties as a result of this buildup. The thermostat and heating element will be examined by a skilled repairman, who will also offer cleaning suggestions and perform a number of functional tests. You can cook fast and without problems by having your commercial deep fryer maintained on a regular basis.

Final thoughts

Finally, a well-known but often not followed tip. When deep frying, water can be quite harmful. Water instantly vaporises and transforms into extremely hot steam when it comes into contact with hot oil at roughly 350 °F. It swiftly grows, posing a risk of damage from oil spray. Do not clean the device or use water to cool or cool the hot fat when deep-frying meals.

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