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Smart Ways To Optimize Your Corner Office Desk

by | Feb 1, 2021 | Furniture | 0 comments

Over time as businesses grow bigger and more complex, the workforce correspondingly layers itself. Space becomes a commodity and a signifier of power, rank, and upward mobility. Hence, the types of desks managers purchase and allocate need to be chosen very strategically. Thankfully, while shopping for a Corner Office Desk, office administrators will have several options – rich wood tones, extra cushioning, personalization features, etc. There’s plenty of ways to personalize and optimize your office desks. 

Here’s what office administrators need to do while buying and allocating these essential pieces of furniture:

Buying the Right Size:

The size of the corner office desk you choose will be determined by:

Office size; measure the square footage of the different workspaces and buy appropriately-sized desks for each space (don’t forget to consider space for movement). 

Type of work that’ll be done on the desk. 

Sizes of the office’s doorways and stairwells to ensure the office desk can make it into the office.

Office admins can also invest in ready to assemble (RTA) desks. 

Desk Material:

The material options in the corner office desk market are all very exciting. The most commonly chosen desk materials include:

Solid Wood – Solid wood desks are heavy, relatively expensive, but usually of the highest quality.

Laminate – Can be made to appear like real wood with grains and textures. It’s actually made from particle boards. They’re ideal for people who work with a lot of equipment as particle board doesn’t scratch or dent easily. Very easy to clean and maintain. Very affordable, so ideal for businesses operating on tight budgets.

Wood Veneer – This material is similar to particleboard. But, it has an additional layer of authentic wood on top of its particleboard base. They’re perfect for employees who want the “real wood look” at cost-effective rates. 

Metal – All-metal desks have become increasingly rare in the past half-decade. They’re stable, durable, strong, and can even be resistant to corrosion when coated with chrome or finishing. But, a metal corner office desk will cost much more than a veneer or laminate.  

Tempered Glass – Tempered glass is almost impossible to shatter. This inherent durability, when coupled with metal frameworks, can be advantageous for workers. They can easily store heavy objects on their glass desks, and the only concern they’ll have is fingerprint marks on the glass. 

Always Invest in Powered Desks:

A powered corner office desk is one that comes with concealed power boxes, power cables, power poles, power stands, and pretty much any device that makes an office desk easily compatible with technological devices. Top installers make office desks more connectivity-focused to ensure no employee loses valuable company time due to technical issues.

Avoid Cheap Desks:

Lastly, don’t settle for a corner office desk only because it’s cheap. Cheap desks cost businesses a lot in the long run. They can have unstable heights that ruin a worker’s posture, poor internal gear components, short warranty periods, etc. All of these faults ultimately hurt the business’ bottom line in the long-run. 

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