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Types Of Funeral Packages You’ll Find Across Sydney

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Planning a funeral is a necessary step that needs to be taken even while you are dealing with immense grief; it is a step that helps you grant peace to your loved one’s who have recently left you. Thus, let us consider the types of funeral packages available at a typical funeral home so that you can choose one from among them that best suits your requirement. Following which most funeral arrangements are carried out by a funeral director, thus allowing you to mourn in peace.

Funeral Packages To Choose From:

  1. Traditional Funerals: These are also referred to as full-service funerals and commence with a funeral ceremony organised at a church or chapel. Consequently, this is tailed by a cremation or burial that is ideally carried out at a pre-booked cemetery plot. Under ideal circumstances, a viewing is held just before or even a few days before a funeral ceremony. Such traditional services are carried out by a member of the church clergy or a special celebrant.
  2. Direct Burial: These are also referred to as committal and are comparatively less expensive than traditional funerals. In most funeral homes across Sydney, you’ll find that a direct burial is the most inexpensive funeral arrangement that one can opt for. This process does not entail a funeral service but simply a direct burial. Under this purview, it is possible that the deceased’s family is not present at the site but is still seeking to organise a funeral service from elsewhere. Here, the only expense would be transporting the body and burning or cremating them, depending on your choice.
  3. Cremation: A cremation service is a prevalent method of bidding farewell. Under this variety of funeral packages, you’ll find that the deceased remains are burned into ashes before being disposed of appropriately. This is sometimes an after-measure to a funeral ceremony; however, if required, these can also be treated as a separate part of the funeral. One can also opt for a direct cremation without having to conduct a funeral service. This can be easier on the hearts of the family to accept the passing of a loved one. Further, it is also a cost-efficient alternative.
  4. Gravestone Service: While this is thought to be a constant in most funerals, some people only opt for a committal service. A graveyard service is a short committal service conducted at a cemetery or crematorium and usually follows after a funeral service. It is a preferred option for those who seek privacy since it is conducted entirely at the graveside. Further, those who are particularly spiritual or religious with their belief would consider this ideal.
  5. Memorial: This is again a popular funeral service option because it allows the bereaved to celebrate the life and memory of their loved ones. These can be held at as per one’s convenience either before or after the burial or cremation that you choose. However, typically these take place just after the funeral. At the memorial service, the deceased’s body might not be present and is more informal in nature. This is because the memorial serves to honour the deceased’s life and share with other happy memories associated with them.

The following was about the various funeral packages that you might be questioned about while planning a funeral service.

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