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What Are The Different Types Of Vacuum Cleaner Filters?

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A crucial aspect of keeping your vacuum cleaner in good working order is knowing where to find and how to clean your vacuum cleaner filter. Therefore, to maintain high suction power and well-maintained internal components, it’s crucial to have at least a basic grasp of the filters in your machine.

Vacuum cleaner filters come in five different categories. Knowing which one your vacuum cleaner has can help you take care of it properly.

Bag filters

Some vacuum cleaners with bags make use of the bag as their main filtration technique. Typically, paper, cloth, or other synthetic materials are used to make these bags. Bag filters function by having incredibly tiny pores that let the air out while keeping dirt or dust inside. However, some bagged vacuum cleaners also contain additional filters because some smaller particles can still evade the bag.

Simply keep an eye on the bag and replace it when it fills up to keep your vacuum cleaner filter operating properly.

Foam filters

Since foam vacuum cleaner filters are typically the most fundamental kind of filter, they are frequently employed as secondary filters. They are often positioned after the primary filter to catch any material that may have been missed. They collect tiny dust particles. However, they occasionally also function as primary filters, so it’s always worthwhile to check before making a purchase.

Cyclone filters

Cyclone filters are frequently used as the main filter in bagless vacuum cleaners. In vacuum cleaners equipped with cyclones, the air is rotated, forcing dirt particles outward to accumulate at the base of the dust bin. The air is then propelled upward and passes through a filter, collecting any dust lingering in the atmosphere.

Every three months or so, a cyclone vacuum cleaner filter should be washed in cold water and allowed to air dry.

Cartridge Filters

These are among the most popular filter types and, depending on your vacuum, can be used as main or secondary filters. They are typically composed of foam, folded paper, or other synthetic materials, and have a circular shape.

To reiterate, it is always crucial to check your individual vacuum type before replacing or washing cartridge filters because they can either be washable or replaceable. If a vacuum cleaner filter only has to be rinsed, no one wants to toss it out or wash it and ruin it!

Fabric filters

Larger vacuum cleaners frequently use cloth filters. These filters are designed to remove heavy trash and bigger particles from workplaces like workshops and construction sites.

They are more durable than other filters and are also washable because of their strong construction. These filters do not, however, manage tiny debris and dust as effectively because they are designed for heavy-duty activities. They are frequently used in conjunction with a secondary vacuum cleaner to filter a result.


It’s also critical to understand which filters can be washed and which cannot. You risk damaging a vacuum cleaner filter if you wash one that shouldn’t be washed. If you don’t wash a filter that can be washed, you risk not cleaning it well, which could affect the effectiveness of your vacuum cleaner.

Sometimes the filter will be marked to show whether or not it may be washed. If not, look for filter maintenance recommendations in the vacuum cleaner’s user handbook.


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