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What Are The Benefits Of Piers Foundation?

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The piers can prevent foundation damage and they also don’t deteriorate very easily. The concrete piers are an extremely effective method to repair the foundation for homes when damage or sagging foundation. The pier foundation is the best way to reduce the overall cost of your home and it also gives solid support and strength to the house.

Benefits Of Piers Foundation 

  • The pier foundation will require fewer amounts of materials and labor, the material is  also easily available. The design will come with a wide range of variety and you can use the varied materials to increase the aesthetic view and also get in at an affordable cost.
  • The concrete piers can be designed to carry virtually any load and it has to be proven record performance. But the drilled piers are costly when compared to others; it can require more structural knowledge to be successful.
  • If you use the pier foundation the necessary materials are easily available which can help you to save money and time. Because it can be easily installed and easily accessed, due to the space between the structure and the ground.
  • It can cause the minimal distribution to the soil environment so the foundation inspection is very easy. If you have a strong foundation it is the best way to prevent damage to your home and also protect your family from adverse weather conditions.
  • The workers can easily get under the space between the house and ground so they can solve issues related to electrical and plumbing as there is enough space to crawl. It can help the engineers to change the designs whenever they want. The material used in pier foundation such as wood, brick, and concrete, etc but mostly used material is reinforced concrete.

Types Of Piers Foundation 

There are two types of piers foundation such as,

  • Masonry or concrete piers
  • Drilled piers
  1. Masonry Piers

This pier will depend on the level of the stratum and it exists up to 5m. The pier’s shape and size can depend on the nature of the soil and the depth of the ground. The shape of the piers is square, rectangular, and circular, the diameter of the piers is usually 6in, 10in,16in. The concrete pier foundation will usually be built 1 to 15 feet above the ground. It is necessary to keep the gap to prevent moisture damage.

2. Drilled Caissons 

Drilled caissons will refer to the cylindrical foundation and it is largely compressed to an axial load at the top reaction at the bottom. There are two types of drilled caissons such as,

  • Concrete caisson with enlarged bottom
  • Caissons with concrete and steel core in the steel pipe

The Bottom Line 

The piers foundation will support the weight of a building or structure; it can also prevent damage and give supports to the strength. The concrete piers materials are easily available and it can save time and money so most of them prefer the concrete material.  

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