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Disposable Facemask – An essential shield

by | Feb 10, 2021 | Health | 0 comments

The Covid-19 outbreak, which emerged in China, had a drastic effect on the global level. The fierce growth of the virus and an increasing number of patients every day made it necessary to take the necessary precaution and stop the community transmission of the virus. 

Face Masks are one of the best ways to prevent oneself from close contact. 

It helps one to save oneself from contracting a virus. However, before the pandemic Disposable Masks were widely used in many countries like Japan to maintain social distancing and avoid being in contact with others.

Disposable Face Masks were also used by medical practitioners while addressing the patients and lower the risk of infection. 

Now let us some different types of Disposable Facemasks that are available in the market:

  • Disposable surgical face masks

Surgical Masks are loose-fitting disposable masks that are used to cover the nose, mouth, and chin. They can successfully protect the wearer from the spray, large-particle droplets, and splashes. 

It can prevent the wearer from the transmission of infectious respiratory secretions from the wearer to others. 

The surgical face masks are for one-time use only and one should immediately dispose of them after use. Disposable Face Masks are available in different colours and designs. It is mostly a flat rectangular shape mask with pleats, folds, and layers. 

Often, disposable face masks also contain a metal strip that can ensure that the facemask fits perfectly on your nose. The Elastic bands and straight ties hold the surgical face masks firm and prevent the mask from falling. 

Striking features of Disposable Surgical Face masks:

  1. Cost-Effective: Surgical facemasks are economical. They are reasonably priced and are an affordable option for those who find valve masks costly.
  2. Easy to use: Disposable face masks are ergonomic and very convenient to use. Anyone can use them without much effort.
  3. Comfortable: Disposable Surgical Face Masks are comfortable and made from breathable material. They allow the utmost comfort to the wearer.
  4. Easy to Dispose of: These masks can be disposed of immediately without any hassle.
  • Facemask with valves

Another type of disposable facemasks that are readily available in the market is a face mask with a valve. This kind of disposable facemasks not only protects the wearer from splash, spray, and large particles of droplets but also restricts the entry of small particles and droplets. It limits the invasion of viruses or bacteria. 

The respirator of this type of disposable facemask with valve is often circular or in an oval shape. They are designed specifically to cover the face along with a tight seal. The elastic bands on the facemask hold the masks firmer and offer convenience to the wearer.

Striking features of disposable facemasks with valves:

  • One Size: Disposable Facemasks with valves come in uniform size and fit perfectly. However, it is imperative to test and check the fitting of these facemasks to ensure optimum sealing.
  • Colours and designs: Disposable Facemasks with valves are available in various colours, designs, and styles. You can opt for the desired one based on your preference and likings.
  • Easy to Dispose of: These masks can be disposed of immediately without any hassle

The key takeaway

Disposable Facemasks are economical, available in several types, and ideal for preventing the wearer from infection and virus contraction. 


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