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What Is The Purpose Of Obstetric Ultrasound?

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Obstetric ultrasound is performed to give a safe, non-invasive, and precise technique of clinically evaluating the uterus and foetus during pregnancy, starting with the confirmation of a viable (alive) pregnancy and continuing throughout the woman’s pregnancy.

Obstetric Ultrasound edmondson park imaging, often known as an ultrasonic scan, ultrasound sonography (USG), or sonography, is a type of radiological evaluation. It comprises a tiny transducer probe that is positioned directly over the skin. 

Before putting the transducer in place, a gel is administered to the skin. High-frequency sound waves are emitted by the device’s transducer, which penetrates the gel and enters the body. The tissues absorb sound, which is then reflected by the transducer. The sound waves are changed into electrical impulses, which are then translated into visuals in black and white.

Why is Obstetric Ultrasound edmondson park performed?

Every three to four weeks, an Obstetric Ultrasound edmondson park is typically conducted to evaluate the developing foetus and growing uterus.

Obstetric ultrasonography in the first trimester:

First, an ultrasound is done to make sure the foetus is still viable. It can be carried out trans-vaginally or trans-abdominally (the transducer is put over the abdomen) (the transducer is narrow and placed in the vagina). 

Both can occasionally be carried out concurrently. The optimal time to have it done is before 13 to 14 weeks of pregnancy. A first-trimester ultrasound can be used to identify multiple foetal gestations and early miscarriages (multiple foetuses such as twins or triplets). A first-trimester ultrasound aids in assessing the mother’s reproductive system to look for diseases and anatomical anomalies.

Obstetric ultrasound in the second and third trimesters:

To assess the growth and anatomy of the foetus, Obstetric Ultrasound edmondson park can be utilised throughout the second and third trimesters. Fetal position, amniotic fluid content around the foetus in the uterus, placenta placement, foetal cardiac activity, foetal spine, and foetal abnormalities may all be assessed during an obstetric ultrasound.

Pregnancy termination may still be a possibility if foetal malformations are found between 18 and 20 weeks of pregnancy. Using Obstetric Ultrasound edmondson park to move the foetus allows doctors to assess the foetal weight and amniotic fluid as well as monitor the fetus’s health and decide on the delivery method. Every three to four weeks, examinations of foetal growth are routinely carried out.

How do you get ready for an ultrasound during pregnancy?

A trans-abdominal or transvaginal ultrasound requires very little preparation. When having an obstetric ultrasound beyond 18 weeks of pregnancy, some doctors encourage their patients to arrive with a full bladder. The patient is instructed to void soon before the scan if transvaginal ultrasound is to be done. 

This lessens pain and causes the bladder to collapse so that the pelvic organs can be seen more clearly. Because Obstetric Ultrasound edmondson park transducers are not disposable, patients should go to a facility that adheres to proper hygiene standards because the transducers need to be cleaned properly before and after each treatment to prevent infection.

Trans-abdominal ultrasound transducers are frequently cleaned with single-use antiseptic wipes before being used on a patient’s skin. During ultrasonography, transvaginal transducers are often protected by a disposal cover. Following the ultrasound, the patient is free to return home and go on with their daily activities.

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