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All About Frameless Glass Balustrades

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Glass balustrades are transparent barriers constructed of tempered glass that are utilised in a range of situations, including residential, commercial, and industrial. They are also known as glass railings or glass handrails. For the majority of skilled builders or tradespeople, installing a frameless glass balustrade is typically a straightforward task, but it does require careful planning and attention to detail. It’s crucial to utilise the right equipment and supplies, as well as to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

It can be used internally or externally, and it can be powder painted in whatever  colour you desire. It is available in top mount or side mount.

What are the advantages of frameless glass balustrade?

The aesthetic attractiveness of glass balustrades is one of their main advantages. They produce an open, airy sensation and allow for unrestricted views because they are translucent. They are therefore the perfect option for decks, balconies, and other outside areas where you wish to maximise your view.

The adaptability of frameless glass balustrades oatley is another advantage. They may be quickly modified to match the particular requirements of a room and are useful in a number of scenarios. For instance, they can be utilised in commercial settings to provide a sleek, professional appearance or in residential settings as a chic and contemporary replacement for conventional railings.

What is the process of installing a frameless glass balustrade?

The process of installing a frameless glass balustrades oatley is fastening a number of glass panels to a building, like a balcony or deck, in order to create a barrier. The following are the (typical) procedures for installing a frameless glass balustrade: Measure the installation area and mark it.

Prepare the building

Make sure the framework is sturdy and solid before installing the glass balustrade. Add more supports or brackets to the structure if necessary to strengthen it.

Install the base channel

The base channel, a lengthy section of proprietary aluminium that will support the bottoms of the glass panels, should be installed. Typically, the base channel is mounted by drilling it into the building and inserting bolts or screws through its base every 200mm.

Place the glass panes in place

Put the glass panels into the base channel and level and secure them with the included wedge packs. Ensure that the glass panels are both level and in alignment with one another.

Putting in the handrail:

Install the handrail, a horizontal bar that runs along the top of the glass panels, if one is being used. Rubber gaskets are commonly used to fasten the handrail to the building. Dish soap can be used as a basic lubricant to help move the handrail into place.

Complete the installation

The glass balustrade is finished once the handrail is put in place. Cleaning and polishing the glass panels and railing, as well as making sure all the fittings are tight, will complete the installation.


Frameless glass balustrades oatley  are strong, versatile, low maintenance, and attractive in addition to being environmentally beneficial. They do not contribute to deforestation or other environmental issues linked with the production of wood or metal products because they are made of glass and can be recycled.

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