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How Does The Process of Conveyancing in Work?

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If you are new to buying or selling property, then it is important for you to know what conveyancing is and how it works. However, once you start looking at the whole moving process, you realize how important conveyancing is and how conveyancing lawyer or licensed conveyancer helps you move home. If you understand the basics you don’t get stressed out during your legal process. To make the entire process easier, it is advisable you look for the conveyancing in Sydney. With the help of the conveyancer, the transferring of property from seller to purchaser will take in a smooth manner. Selling or purchasing a property involves a series of financial and legal processes that requires the assistance of conveyancer to get rid of the legal problem.

Instruct a conveyancer:

If you decide to sell or buy a property, then it is advisable you approach conveyancing Sydney to make your process easier. The conveyancer helps you to sell or buy your house in a straightway. Initially set out charges and confirm all the essential information you need.

Enquiries and searches:

Make sure that your conveyancers are well experienced. Once they receive a contract and copies of the legal title, they will then enquire to clarify doubts and check all is in order. Searches are essential to carry out to check that there are no adverse matters that will affect the enjoyment of the property or it affect s your lender’s decision when lending the property.

Securing your mortgage:

It is important for you to apply for a mortgage. Make sure that your lender provides all information upon the request so that conveyancer confirms information to them. The property is to be evaluated and then undergone a certain check to ensure that it complies with specific conditions. In dealing with the conditions, your conveyances need your help and require action on your part.

Signing contracts:

Your conveyancer is responsible to send you a copy of key documents. It includes:

  • The seller’s property information form
  • Fixtures, fittings and contents form
  • Title information document and plan
  • A report confirming about the property and the contract
  • The mortgage deed and transfer for signing

Exchanging contracts:

Once conveyancers have their searches and finances in place, you can agree on a mutual convenience completion date and exchange contracts at any time on any given day. Your conveyancer will exchange contracts for you so that you can buy the property with a fixed date for moving. It means

  • If you do not complete the purchase on time, then you will lose your deposit
  • The seller can no longer accept another offer


On the specific date, the completion is set out when the seller’s conveyancer confirms that they received all the money that is due. Once the transaction process is over, the seller should drop the keys to the buyer. It means, the process is over and you can move in. If you are planned to sell or buy the property, then it is important for you to visit conveyancing Sydney. The completion process includes:

  • Registering the transfer of ownership of the property
  • The buyer’s conveyance paying any stamp duty land tax
  • Registering a charge over the property
  • Settling all outstanding fees

Wrapping it up:

Once the conveyancing process is completed, collect all your paperwork from purchasing your new home.

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