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How Professional Providers of Tiling Services Rosebery Can Make Your Home Child-Friendly

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Homeowners must consider the children in the family while getting tiling services Rosebery. Here’s how tiling experts make homes child-friendly! 

Homes with children are always hectic. Children play around, jump on the floor, and fall down quite often. Hence, every aspect of the house needs to be child-friendly. From the walls to the tiles – taking steps to ensure a house is child-friendly is the best way for parents to prevent accidents and promote a safe, clean, and hygienic lifestyle. Even while getting tiling services Rosebery, selecting child-friendly tiles is very important. Thankfully, professional tile installers know all about the specific requirements children have when it comes to tiles. Here’s a guide on selecting and installing child-friendly tile floors – 

Durable Tiles Are Your Best Bet 

Children can be quite destructive. Of course, none of their destructive actions is planned – they’re mostly accidents. But, parents need to take steps to prevent such accidents from escalating into major repair or maintenance costs. For instance, a child can easily ruin tiles made of natural stone with a sharp object. So, professional providers of tiling services Rosebery give their clients different tile options based on porosity and durability. In properties that house children, opting for stain and scratch-resistant tiles is the best option, especially in high-traffic regions of the home. Porcelain tiles are the most child-friendly in this aspect. They’re quite resistant to the countless germs that children bring into the home. Plus, a few sessions of vacuuming can get rid of all the scratches and stains on porcelain tiles. Other stain-resistant tile options include granite and terracotta. But, those materials are considerably more expensive than porcelain. 

Epoxy Grout for Messy Children

Adventurous children can often be messy. Parents need to take extra precaution with such children. For children who are naturally messy and chaotic, expert providers of tiling services Rosebery recommend installing epoxy grout. The grout in-between tiles are extremely hard to clean. Replacing them with epoxy grout, the most stain-resistant grout in the market is a good way of avoiding having to regularly clean or scrape the tile floors. Epoxy grout also repels most chemicals found in felt tip markers, colouring pens, etc. It doesn’t chip either. Installing epoxy grout is by far the best tiling decision parents can take to make their homes child-friendlier. 

Anti-Slip Tile Coatings 

Slippery tiles have caused countless injuries to children. Thankfully, top providers of tiling services Rosebery can add anti-slip coatings to any tile, irrespective of the material, and make them much safer. The best anti-slip solutions are versatile and work perfectly on most commonly used tile types (ceramic, porcelain, natural stones, etc.). These solutions settle quite quickly, so the house doesn’t stay out of bounds for long periods. Most importantly, the best anti-slip coatings can endure years of damage, wear, and tear without needing replacing. These low-maintenance coatings absorb moisture to prevent tiles from becoming dangerously slippery. 

Cleaning the Tiles 

After the providers of tiling services Rosebery leave the property, it’s up to the homeowners or the parents to clean and maintain their tiles. If children stain the tiles, instantly deep cleaning them is the best way to avoid long-term repair issues. Plus, homeowners must watch out for potentially harmful cracks on their tiles on a regular basis.

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